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New Coaches and Same Results for MLS Teams

For Toronto and Philadelphia, the “international break” was an opportunity for renewal and revival.  Both teams had miserable starts to the season but both still were in shouting distance of fifth place in the Eastern Conference.  For the Union, the Nowak era was loudly coming to an end as popular players were slowly being shipped off as the head coach kept trying to remake the team in his image (see Earl’s analysis here).  Toronto’s woes were even more embarrassing: a year after beginning the implementation of the Total Football style Canadian edition, the Reds set a record for most losses to ... Read more

January Transfer Window: What Will Happen?

It's that time again! I remember when the January transfer window first came to football. Forgive me if I can’t remember the exact year but I remember FIFA decided that it was a good idea to help all the small clubs hold onto their top players for larger parts of a season. Nobody could have predicted the level of insanity and inflated pricing that it would have brought, but now January is a special time for football fans; almost like Christmas in the footballing world. Especially the last two days where we see all the panic buys, prompting many of ... Read more