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USMNT Must Avoid A Letdown After Their Promising World Cup

Usually in football when your recent form is two draws and two losses, questions start to be asked of the manager in question. But with the current US National Team, surprisingly that’s not the case. In a sport that is usually so trigger happy, Jurgen Klinsmann has skated while his team has suffered. Now this isn’t the same sort of situation that Mexico faced during the 2013 Hex, but the seeds of past problems are beginning to sow their roots again. How can Klinsmann and this US National Team avoid the same Second Cycle Syndrome that stymied Bruce Arena and ... Read more

Jurgen Klinsmann Continues To Challenge American Soccer Both On And Off The field

When Jurgen Klinsmann was hired to be the new coach of the US Men’s National Team in 2011, there was much excitement over the appointment of a successful innovator that would help propel America forward in the world of soccer. Transforming the United States into an elite soccer powerhouse would not be easy but it seemed more possible than ever before under Klinsmann’s tutelage. Three years have passed and it is obvious that the challenges set forth by Klinsmann have resulted in players and officials struggling to be on the same page with the German. Between expecting players to adapt ... Read more

MLS Again Creates New Rule to Appease Owners

The transfer of Jermaine Jones to MLS is a great moment for the league. After his stellar play in the World Cup, the veteran midfielder was out of contract and needing one more shot at being a contributor in a major league. His agent and the Chicago Fire had been holding serious negotiations and the Fire appeared to be on the cusp of a real coup just in time for a playoff run. Then the process took over, and as The Washington Post outlines, it is not the one that seemingly existed until now. For those new to the MLS overseas ... Read more

U.S. vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifying Preview: 4 Talking Points and 3 Keys to Victory

After disappointing losses on Friday for both the United States and Mexico, the two sworn enemies come face to face Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio in a FIFA World Cup Qualifying game where both teams will want to win for very different reasons. Here’s what has changed since last week: 1. U.S. Knocked Down A Peg– There were never going to be any easy points to grab in Costa Rica for the US on Friday. But the way the US lost was a little shocking. They came out flat. Costa Rica grabbed control early, and they never looked back. But ... Read more

The Ten Commandments for a Successful International Friendly

I had the fortune of attending the DC United and Paris Saint-Germain friendly this past weekend, one which this site has covered fairly extensively due to the debut of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the French side.  The game, as has been noted, was scheduled at the last second as Juventus withdrew from its North American tour to prevent fatigue before the Italian Super Cup in China.  One of the advantages of being DC United is that its history and location make it a fairly compelling opponent for a friendly, meaning these kind of last second deals can happen.  But all of this happened ... Read more

My Free Advice to Jurgen Klinsmann

As the U.S. men’s national team struggled through yet another 1-0 loss in an international friendly, Twitter was afire with criticisms of the team and the new boss.  The most damning criticism might have been this: that the team played like a Bob Bradley coached squad.  Harsher words have never been said! However, we have to acknowledge two facts before we can delve into some solutions for the Klinsmann crew.  First, these 1-0 losses mean nothing if the U.S. qualifies for the 2014 World Cup without any major missteps.  Second, the inability for the U.S. to make progress against any level ... Read more

Klinsmann Unveils His First USMNT Roster

The U.S. v. Mexico rematch friendly is less than a week away, and today Jurgen Klinsmann unveiled his first list of call-ups as the head coach for the national team.  The Mexico friendly comes at a tricky time for the U.S., as the bigger European leagues are kicking off this month and Klinsmann might have hesitated to call-up players overseas in these leagues.  Mexico will also be missing key players, and with their national team having played in both the Gold Cup and Copa America this summer, they may use the opportunity to rotate eligible players. Nevertheless, the roster has ... Read more

Here is Who Should Really Make the Gold Cup Team

Photo by C.A.M. Stephans By now you have probably heard the Bob Bradley deadline of May 23 to announce his call-ups for the U.S. National Team. This is a critical call-up, as not only will these players play in the 2011 Gold Cup but also in the friendly versus Spain.  As such, Bob Bradley will likely go the opposite of Camp Cupcake and take a veteran lineup to Foxborough. But should he?  What should be the goals of the US Men’s National Team, June 2011 edition?  I’d argue the following should be the goals of Bob Bradley’s squad, in this ... Read more