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Be Bold Jurgen: Pick These Players for the US Men’s National Team

Tomorrow Jurgen Klinsmann will announce the roster invitations for the U.S. national team camp.  These players will make up the eligible roster for selection for the January 29 friendly against Canada as well as possibly the February 6 World Cup qualifier in Honduras.  Usually, the January camp (loving referred to as “Camp Cupcake”) is a time for the national team to experiment with fringe players; it gives the coaches a chance to see young players who could one day work up significant playing time or older players who have earned a last chance at a cap.  With the camp occurring ... Read more

New Markets Are Challenging MLS Appeal For Europe’s Name Players

In the beginning, MLS was a little league that merited little notice internationally.  On occasion an all star went overseas and their previous career was noted by pundits, but MLS itself was paid little heed by the Sky Sports of the world.  For better or for worse, this changed with the Beckham Experiment when the eyes of world soccer were turned to our league to see just how competitive it could be.  And while MLS is still tipped occasionally as a minor league mainly by a few ignorant journalists, it has been successful in attracting enough foreign talent that papers ... Read more