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Beckham’s Miami FC Deal Complicated By Strikers Sale

David Beckham announcing a MLS team being brought to Miami. David Beckham’s continued difficulty in securing the long-term stadium deal he wants in Miami to start a new MLS franchise may have just gotten more complicated. On Friday, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the second-tier North American Soccer League (NASL) were sold to a Brazilian trio – Paulo Cesso, Ricardo Geromel, and Rafael Bertani. On the surface, the sale of a second division club should not impact Beckham’s plans or that of Major League Soccer but here is why it does.  New Strikers Owners have deep pockets and Shared Market ... Read more

The Pros To Signing More Players Like Morales Rather Than Beckham

What if, instead of trying to bring in another David Beckham, Major League Soccer signed more players like Javier Morales? It wasn’t a hypothetical, though it was rhetorical. I was among a group of reporters gathered after MLS Cup three years ago when the question was asked by a league official. At the time, Beckham’s future was uncertain, and although the league’s commercial messiah he would come back for one more year, the post-Beckham world was already taking shape. How would Major League Soccer replace its biggest star? To their credit, MLS recognized Beckham was unique. After all, Thierry Henry ... Read more

Thierry Henry’s Impact On The Field Can’t Perform Miracles Off It

If Thierry Henry’s about to say goodbye to Major League Soccer, he’s doing so on a high note. His stint is one that caps one of the most productive four-and-a-half year stretches in league history. True, extending his deal at Red Bull Arena could still happen, but there’s a growing and now very public feeling the 37-year-old, out of contract at the end of the year, will use this fall has his sunset. With 48 goals, 39 assists in 113 MLS games thus far, one of the league’s biggest stars may ride off into that impending night. On Saturday in ... Read more

MLS ’13 – The End of the Western Conference’s Dominance

For the past three years, the gulf between the two MLS conferences has seemingly been as deep as the Grand Canyon.  In 2011 and 2012, the East’s representative in MLS Cup was Houston, a convert from the West.  The last time MLS Cup featured an original Eastern Conference team was 2008 when two teams from the East played for the championship (those silly meaningless geography days).  In discussions of the best teams in MLS, the conversation has naturally gravitated from who would come out of the West. The dominance makes sense in a number of ways.  Los Angeles has taken utmost ... Read more

A Walk Down Memory Lane… Reviewing the Previews

One thing we are not afraid to do here at MLS Talk is to take a look back on our predictions and previews to highlight what we got both awesomely right and so terribly wrong.  Now that the 2012 MLS season is well over and the 2013 preseason is in full swing, I thought it would again be appropriate to take a look back at our March prediction post.  While our thoughts on the final standings and MLS Cup winners overall were not too bad, the individual award predictions had a few hilarious items (admittedly mostly by me). Feel free to congratulate, gloat, ... Read more

New Markets Are Challenging MLS Appeal For Europe’s Name Players

In the beginning, MLS was a little league that merited little notice internationally.  On occasion an all star went overseas and their previous career was noted by pundits, but MLS itself was paid little heed by the Sky Sports of the world.  For better or for worse, this changed with the Beckham Experiment when the eyes of world soccer were turned to our league to see just how competitive it could be.  And while MLS is still tipped occasionally as a minor league mainly by a few ignorant journalists, it has been successful in attracting enough foreign talent that papers ... Read more

Best Goal: Henry, Nguyen or Villareal?

Last night’s games certainly did not lack offense.  Excluding the Seattle friendly, eighteen goals were scored in the seven MLS games and only two teams (not coincidentally, both playing midday) failed to score a goal on Wednesday.  And anytime you have close, exciting games with a number of goals, there are inevitably some goal of the year candidates.  By my count, there were three scored by a diverse group of players.  One was the game winner scored by a soccer legend.  The second was a huge gamble that equalized for a journeyman.  The third helped his team stay hot and ... Read more

MLS Must Show Spine and Suspend Beckham

It’s finally come.  After a few years of dangerous tackles and public outbursts against officials, MLS finally has a very public example of poor behavior by David Beckham that will either lead to a suspension or a discrediting of league management.  Saturday night saw the best and worst of Beckham: his lovely free kick goal … and his very public outburst at the end of the game.  The video below shows Beckham kicking the ball towards the official and refusing to leave the field during a post-game scrum, both offenses that can lead to suspensions (see a better version of ... Read more