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Don Garber Misreads the Beckham Experiment

Photo by Ramsey Moshen With David Beckham in the final year of his ground-breaking MLS contract, speculation has turned to whether the 36 year-old midfielder will resign with the LA Galaxy and the league, or continue his quest for another international cap elsewhere.  In an interview with the press, Garber talked about the MLS All Star’s impact on the league, and as expected painted it as a perfect partnership.  His comments, however, reveal a disconnect between the league office and the casual fan. To do justice to his comments, I want to take each statement individually as reported by The Sun and ... Read more

The Beckham Experiment Needs to End

All of us have had friends who are in a complicated relationship.  It may even have been us: the guy recently began dating a much more attractive woman who, while not a young bombshell, is still a gorgeous woman.  This woman recently ended an intense relationship but does not treat your friend like a rebound – she says all the right things when all your buddies meet up for drinks and she obviously cares for him.  They had a rough beginning – your friend had jealousy issues, she had to get used to your friend’s idiosyncrasies – but they seem ... Read more

What You Missed in American Soccer Over the Holidays

If you’re like me, the holidays are a time of getting out of your workday routines due to relaxation/travel/stress.  In fact, at times I miss news stories because I tend not to check news sites or Twitter as much as I normally do.  So as I begin my work week routine again, I notice that I have missed some news items over the past week or so that were interesting or important. So as a service to our loyal readers and fans who may have been more focused on family and friends than on following all the American soccer news ... Read more

MLS Gives a Friday Deadline on Beckham Deal

The LA Galaxy and AC Milan have until Friday to work out an agreement to see where David Beckham will play for after the March transfer date. With the start of the MLS season coming quickly it will be nice to have this finally come to an end so it won’t distract the Galaxy as they get set for their season, a season they will want to improve on and make the playoffs this year. Beckham’s contract allows him to leave the Galaxy after the ’09 season, and anyone reading his quotes over the last month know his heart is ... Read more