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A Review Of The Book “Why American Soccer Isn’t There Yet”

The recent World Cup has spawned a number of books that not only look at the recent past of American soccer but what the men’s national team needs to do going forward. Many of these stories are being written by journalists, but it is rare we hear from people who have experienced the U.S. soccer development system that are not on ESPN and NBC. That’s why Why American Soccer Isn’t There Yet (ISBN 9781782550280, published by Meyer & Meyer Sport, 2014, www.m-m-sports.com) by Shane Stay is a different take on the question of how U.S. men’s soccer can improve. Stay is ... Read more

Brek Shea Scouted by BPL Clubs

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhsgKRpWKPY Anyone who watches MLS knows Brek Shea is having a breakout season. And as much as the British media may want to dismiss MLS and its talent, it is now beginning to it pay attention. Sky Sports is reporting that Liverpool and Manchester City both were scouting the U.S. national team’s 1-0 win over Honduras. In addition, Chelsea and Manchester United have also shown interest in Shea, according to the article. Shea’s agent, Barry McLean, shared that his client would have interest in playing overseas (no surprise there). He told Sky Sports, “He has a contract with the MLS ... Read more

Chuck Blazer Steps Down from CONCACAF

CONCACAF general secretary, nemesis of Mohammed Bin Hammam, and tabloid story-filler Chuck Blazer announced today he would step down from his role in the soccer federation at the end of the year.  Blazer had been involved in CONCACAF’s leadership for two decades and his resignation is certainly the end of an era.  He will, however, keep his FIFA executive committee spot, according to Bloomberg, but has not decided if he will run for reelection in 2013. “My passion for soccer is undiminished and it is time for me to explore new challenges within this wonderful sport,” he said in a ... Read more

Vote for Your Favorite Stories from the Past Week

Sometimes life gets in the way of art, and that is the way this week’s Major League Soccer Talk Podcast ended up.  Technology has impeded host Chris Riordan from recording the podcast, so if you’re like me you unfortunately will miss out on some good Thursday night/Friday morning soccer talk. But we here at MLS Talk want to make sure you get your American soccer news and analysis from the past week.  And while we can’t do it through your iPod, we thought instead we would allow you, the reader, to share your thoughts on the week that was in ... Read more

Bob Bradley Signs to Coach USMNT Through 2014 World Cup

Reports have come out this evening confirming that Bob Bradley will stay as coach of the US Mens National Team for another four years.  Just as speculation was growing that Bradley would be out, Jurgen Klinsmann would be in, and US Soccer was going to make some significant changes before the next World Cup, it seems that everyone has chosen stability over transformation.  There are several different ways to look at this: This was the right move Bradley may not be the most charismatic character of all time, but he did well.  Under his stewardship, the US won the Gold ... Read more

Why the US is a Lock to Host the 2022 World Cup (or Maybe 2018)

There is some real drama about which European country will host the next World Cup.  Both England and Russia have submitted solid bids, and FIFA is going to have to think very deeply about which country will get to host this prestigious event.  However, FIFA is awarding both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups this December, and although several countries, including South Korea, Australia and Qatar are bidding for the other slot, the US is almost a guaranteed winner.  There are several factors in the US’s favor, but as with most things about FIFA, they come down to money. Nobody ... Read more

Bob Bradley Did Great, but the USMNT Should Hire Someone New

After the failure of Germany 2006, nobody wanted to hire Bob Bradley for this job. It was hard to find a fan that thought he was the right man. US Soccer was desperate to hire Jurgen Klinsman. Columnist fantasized about importing some maestro from Europe or South America. When the other options failed to pan out and Bradley was hired, there was clearly an air of Miss Congeniality about his appointment. His initial contract was not even guaranteed through the 2010 World Cup. Bradley was the date we all settled on while we looked longingly across the dance floor at ... Read more

I Come Not to Bury the USMNT, But to Praise Them

So how good is the US Men’s National Team? Over the past two years, the US team has fully revealed itself in relation to other teams and this is the report card- • The USMNT is well ensconced in the second tier of international soccer, which is no small feat. Over the past 20 years, the USMNT has moved from international laughing stock to the group just below the tier that includes the best teams of Europe and South America. • The US team is good enough to ruin anybody’s day, including world powers like Spain and England and, for ... Read more