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Landon Donovan is Going to Europe. It’s About Time.

In a post-game interview after last night’s All-Star game, Landon Donovan said “We have had transfer interest and we will have some time to think about it and see where it goes.  There is interest from a number of teams.” To be explicit, what Donovan said he is going to Europe, and it is not a matter of when (next month) but of who (Everton, Man City, Serie A or somewhere else) and at what price. Landon Donovan is, simply said, the best American soccer player of all time.  He has speed, ball skills, game vision, and a scoring touch ... Read more

I Come Not to Bury the USMNT, But to Praise Them

So how good is the US Men’s National Team? Over the past two years, the US team has fully revealed itself in relation to other teams and this is the report card- • The USMNT is well ensconced in the second tier of international soccer, which is no small feat. Over the past 20 years, the USMNT has moved from international laughing stock to the group just below the tier that includes the best teams of Europe and South America. • The US team is good enough to ruin anybody’s day, including world powers like Spain and England and, for ... Read more

Landon – This Saturday is Why You Went to Everton

On Saturday morning, Landon Donovan will board a bus at Goodison Park, the stadium at the top of the photo amid all the working class houses, and travel about a mile to Anfield, the stadium at the bottom of the photo amid all the working class houses.    Escorted by a phalanx of security, Donovan and his teammates will walk into Anfield and then, eventually through he tunnel, onto the field, and into an experience wholly new to Donovan.  No matter what happens for the rest of Landon Donovan’s career, no matter what happens in South Africa, no matter whether he returns to ... Read more

Having MLS Stars Go to Europe is Great for US Soccer … and Good for the MLS

As Landon Donovan settles into the Everton, Michael Bradley becomes even more a fixture at the Bundesliga, and Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark leave the US and take big career risks to fight for a position on European teams, many American fans are bemoaning the fate of the MLS. What if all our stars go to Europe? What if the MLS becomes just a developmental league for European teams? It may be counter-intuitive, and perhaps a little heretical, but soccer in America, and MLS in particular, can thrive as an exporter of quality domestic talent. As I have said before, ... Read more

LA Galaxy 1- Chivas USA 0 – Thoughts from the HDC

Soccer is a cruel game, and Chivas USA felt that cruelty tonight.  While the Galaxy may have done enough to win the game, Chivas did not deserve to lose it.  On the pitch, the differences between Chivas and the Galaxy were small and on the margins.  Off the pitch, the difference in huge – the Galaxy will spend their week preparing to face Houston on Friday and Chivas will not.  Some thoughts from Section 232: Landon Donovan was a leader of men.  Throughout his career, Donovan has been a bit of an enigma to many US fans.  While few could ... Read more

MLS Table As It Stands Now

With less than a month left in the season, this is promising to be one of the more exciting run-ups the MLS has ever had.  The new playoff format which allows wild card teams (teams that finish outside of the top two of their conference)to qualify based on their overall record rather than conference standings has made the table a complete jumble.  As it stands now, this is the table and the playoff qualifiers: As it stand now, five teams for the west and three from the east would see post-season action.  If this was the final table, the playoff ... Read more

The MLS is a Developmental League. So What?

One of the major complains that many have against the MLS is that it is a developmental league. No American dreams of playing for the San Jose Earthquakes or the Kansas City Wizards – they imagine themselves playing in Italy, Spain or England. The best MLS players are always eyeing their European opportunities. Their agents are mapping out career strategies of moving from the US to one of the “lesser” European leagues in Holland or Denmark as a transition to a bigger European League. The USMNT has two types of players – those who play in Europe and those who ... Read more

USL Should Compete Directly against MLS

The United Soccer Leagues has been a doormat to the MLS for too long.  They have allowed MLS to walk all over them.  MLS has taken multiple cities from the USL to put into their league and have not suffered any kind of legal troubles or image issues.  This has been a coup for MLS.  They have done the deed without having to put forth the effort normally associated with bringing along brand new franchises.  But, without any formal partnership, who is really at fault?  The USL has a flawed business model, and the future for its First Division franchises are all in jeopardy.  ... Read more