Listen to this classic episode of World Soccer Talk Radio featuring part one of our JP Dellacamera interview.

The famed American soccer announcer took time out of his busy schedule to speak with World Soccer Talk Radio host Nate Abaurrea about a range of topics including his opinions about whether American soccer announcers should be calling more USA games, his broadcasting career and how soccer coverage has changed since the 1980s, his thoughts about how the Gus Johnson and Dave O’Brien hires were handled, as well as discussing the Women’s World Cup and how the US Women’s National Team has been doing thus far.

Listen to the show via the player above or via this link.

HEAR MORE: Listen to part 2 of our JP Dellacamera interview

In part two (linked above), JP Dellacamera goes into more detail about commentating on world soccer, and the craft of commentary which has made him one of the all-time best US soccer commentators.

John Paul Dellacamera, born in 1952 in Massachusetts, has worked for ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, TNT and many other broadcasters, as well as calling other sports such as the National Hockey League.

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