An incredible week in ‘Football News’ means that not much has happened on the pitch. Liverpool and Spurs played out a 0 – 0 whilst a cat became the highlight of Twitter on the night. On the news: Fabio gone and Harry should be in, but when and to what end? The pod discusses.

The money in the game keeps swirling around as Barcé and Real gain more monetarial ground in the international stakes. Does anyone care? Possibly about as much as we care for Mertesacker and his winter break…

Our featured match this week is Manchester United vs. Liverpool. Old Trafford will greet the Anfield Collective with a hostile welcome whilst Kenny swaddles Luis Suarez in praise and ambiguous comments. How will it change what happens on the pitch? Will there be a handshake? Will there be a moment of redemption for either player?

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