Think of it this way: If they hadn’t turned up then you wouldn’t know that they could do so little and yet not achieve so much. Man City have truly handed the title to United this season. And whilst they are not the only team to do so in the league it is disappointing to see such potential go unfulfilled by a side who proved so much last season. But then that makes you think: does that take away from that achievement in any way? If it does so for you, then does it feel the same for City fans?

United on the other hand, well they continue to dumbfound critics and sweep aside Reading. De Gea on an impressive run, almost as long as RVP’s…

At the other end of the table things really are tense. Southampton get a grip and prove themselves handy, which Villa surprise no one by actually winning something, even if it is late. But on a weekend with so many poor tackles and so many satisfying moments: which were the headline makers? What will we look back and smile about at the end of the season? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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