Listen to our interview with Toby Charles to hear the story behind Soccer Made In Germany, the cult TV show.

Toby Charles interview: Background

After searching for two years to locate him, World Soccer Talk has found Toby Charles and has interviewed the football commentating legend about the impact he has had on viewers in North America, his memories of German soccer, his thoughts about Martin Tyler, who his famous cousins were, his favorite Bundesliga team and much much more.

Toby Charles’s commentaries are legendary in soccer circles. This is true especially among children and adults in the 1980s wanting to watch soccer on television. His show ran on PBS from 1976 to 1988 and featured highlights of Bundesliga matches.

His phrases during commentaries are legendary, and are still remembered by many soccer fans over 30 years later. And the impact he made can be better understood by this heartfelt letter to Toby Charles.

Meanwhile, here is a video of one of his commentaries here:

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