When it comes to analyzing the game of soccer, there are few that are as good as Danny Higginbotham. Listen to our Danny Higginbotham interview to learn more.

The Heart of The Game is a brand-new weekly podcast featuring interviews with the studio talent, commentators, players and coaches that bring us the beautiful game. Also included in the series are Derek Rae, Ian Joy, Peter Drury, Christian Miles, Phil Bonney, Taylor Twellman and others.

Hosted by Nate Abaurrea, the latest episode features an interview with co-commentator and studio analyst Danny Higginbotham. During the interview, Danny shares:

• Which commentator was his biggest mentor in the transition from pro footballer to co-commentator,
• Why the job as a commentator is harder than a co-commentator,
• How he tries to be fair and unbiased in his co-commentary and analysis,
• How he sees the game of soccer differently now through the eyes of a co-commentator, and
• The influence that Sir Alex Ferguson had on his life.

Listen to the show via the player above or via this link.

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Thanks for listening to our Danny Higginbotham interview. If you have any questions or feedback about the discussion with Danny, let us know in the comments section below. Thank you.