free-ebook1.jpgHow to Make Your Dream Come True of Seeing
Premier League Matches Live in England

Save More Than A Thousand Dollars and Make Your Trip to England an Unforgettable Experience

Learn how to:

  • Automate the tracking of changes in airfare rates, so you can sit back and let the free tool do the work for you and tell you as soon as prices are discounted,
  • Save hundreds of dollars by knowing when and where to purchase plane tickets,
  • Buy hard-to-find tickets to sold-out matches featuring Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and others,
  • Order currency, train tickets, phone cards and other must-haves ahead of time so you save even more money,
  • and much more.

This definitive guide walks you through step-by-step, complete with helpful resources, of how you can save more than a thousand dollars and tens of hours by planning your trip ahead of time, getting the lowest prices and making sure that your time in England is well spent — whether it’s focused on seeing some of the best soccer teams in the world in-person and/or traveling the country to visit the amazing tourist destinations.

A trip to England to watch soccer matches is a dream come true. I should know. I did the same thing in November of 2006 and saved plenty of time and money by putting the tips into practice.

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