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FOX Sports exec shows little understanding of US soccer history

The same FOX Sports executive who hired Gus Johnson and tried to turn him into a soccer commentator, and who is arguably the most powerful soccer TV exec in the country given that FOX has the rights to the World Cup for the next 11 years, demonstrated this week how out of touch his network is with the sport of soccer in the United States. FOX Sports President Eric Shanks, in an interview with Reuters, said the following: “As I look back, especially for this [soccer] audience, 1983 was zero year for soccer in this country. It was the year of the ... Read more

Eric Wynalda: Klinsmann Will Probably Be Fired If US Doesn’t Win a World Cup Game

World Soccer Talk’s Bo McMillan recently sat down with Eric Wynalda, the third all-time leading goal scorer for the United States National Team and current FOX Sports soccer analyst and co-commentator. Wynalda is also the Technical Director of the NASL (US Second Division) Atlanta Silverbacks.  Here’s the transcript of the interview ahead of USA’s game against Ghana: Bo: How important is the United States’ performance in this World Cup in terms of the popularity of the sport here? How will their performance affect the growth of soccer in the US? Eric: We are judged every four years on where we ... Read more

US Men’s National Team Home Shirt For World Cup 2014: New Closeups [PHOTOS]

New closeup photographs of the US Men’s National Team home shirt that will be worn at the 2014 World Cup have been leaked on the Internet. Following up on the previously leaked photos here and here, the new photos of the USMNT World Cup shirt reveal more detail about the jersey and the material. Nike will officially launch the new shirt on February 27, when it’ll be available for pre-sale. The shirt will then be available beginning March 5 — the same day that the USMNT play Ukraine in a friendly, where the USA team will most probably wear the ... Read more

Clint Dempsey’s Equalizer (With Some Help From Butterfingers Green) Gives The USA A Point

Yes it was the re-match sixty years in the making. So much anticipation from both sides and from the supporters at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg and of course in all of the pubs in England and across the United States, the best from both countries finally meet up in this early clash. There was that bad moment of defending when the USA was caught ball watching early in the 4th minute when the defenders allowed Steve Gerrard a free chance at goal and there was nothing Tim Howard could do about it as Gerrard slotted that shot home ... Read more

Buy Bornstein’s Boots and Help Haiti

Here at and, we are working on a soccer-centric way to help the youth of Haiti that we will be announcing next week.  In the meantime, if you want to make a major contribution to the Red Cross relief effort and grab a super-cool piece of US Soccer history, Jonathan Bornstein is auctioning a pair of his cleats on EBAY.  These are not just any cleats – they are the pair he was wearing when he scored the last second goal to grab a draw for the US against Costa Rica last October in their last WCQ game.  ... Read more

The USMNT Decade: Best and Worst

Best Team Performance of Decade:  2002 World Cup vs Portugal Without Claudio Reyna and Clint Mathis the US took the field against a Portuguese side making its first World Cup appearance in sixteen years. Still, Portugal had been outstanding at the Euro 2000 tournament and boasted a collection of world class players including Luis Figo, perhaps at this moment in time, the world’s best footballer. Coming into the match the US was fighting the perception of being one of the weakest sides at Korea/Japan 2002. The US did however, have Ajax’s John O’Brien healthy and he made all the difference. ... Read more

The Next Best Thing to Being a World Cup Seed

Every fan of the US team has been hoping that the stars could align, the flipped coin could land on its edge and that somehow the US could be seeded in the World Cup draw.  Being among those top eight seeds would make a huge difference and the path to the final 16 would be much easier. Well, let’s face reality.  That is not going to happen.  If France and Argentina did not qualify for the World Cup Finals, there was an outside shot, but with Argentina in and France well on their way, it is time to put that ... Read more

Want To Grow Soccer In The US: It Takes Honest Criticism Not A Pollyanna Approach

Labor Day has come and gone, the sun is setting earlier, and, even here in Houston, the air contains a slight fall crispness. Yes, the Summer of Soccer is over, and what an interesting summer it has been. Back on Father’s Day, like a Phoenix, the US National Team rose from the ashes of its first two group stage matches in the Confederations Cup to advance to the semifinals where it shocked the football world by easily beating Spain, which was ranked by FIFA as the top national team at the time. It was this victory over Spain that grabbed ... Read more