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Blame Sunil Gulati for USA’s failure, not the players nor Bruce Arena

An era of arrogance and excess at US Soccer has yielded what in hindsight was a predictable result. The United States have missed the FIFA World Cup for the first time in over thirty years. Despite the good fortune the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) received with the weakness of CONCACAF opposition – Honduras is going through a rebuilding phase and Panama’s aging “Golden Generation” seemed to have missed their best shot at qualifying for the World Cup or winning continental silverware in the last cycle – the USMNT still managed to miss qualification. Despite beating those two opponents by ... Read more

US Soccer Federation faces three critical short-term issues

Sunil Gulati is entering perhaps the most critical three-week period of his tenure as US Soccer Federation (USSF) President today. Gulati, who has served since 2006 as the leader of the governing body for the sport in the United States, faces three separate and distinct challenges he must navigate through. 1- US Women’s Equal Pay The ongoing controversy over a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) hit a new level of national conversation Sunday with the airing of a feature on the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes. At issue is why exactly the World ... Read more

Trump presidency could scupper US World Cup bid – Gulati

Chicago (AFP) – A Donald Trump victory in the US Presidential elections could scupper America’s chances of mounting a successful bid for the 2026 World Cup, the country’s top soccer official told US media outlets on Tuesday. US Soccer president Sunil Gulati said Trump’s election could adversely affect international opinion of the United States, potentially dealing a fatal blow to hopes of gathering enough votes to land the tournament. The US Soccer Federation has not formally announced a bid for the 2026 tournament but is already seen as the popular frontrunner. Gulati was quoted by USA Today as saying that ... Read more

USSF continuing Blazer-era closed shop with soccer media giving them a ‘free ride’

A narrative has emerged from the recent FIFA scandal that while corruption is rife around the sport, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and Major League Soccer (MLS) are somehow immune to this disease. Never mind that a large portion of the alleged crimes related to the FIFA scandal happened on American soil and involved multiple figures close to the USSF. And never mind that the conception of Copa America Centenario that the United States is hosting this summer was directly related to the scandal. For years, the majority of soccer writers in the United States have found making deep-seeded critiques of the ... Read more

2016’s 10 most intriguing names in US soccer

There are notable figures you may hear more about in 2016, but will they provide us with sufficient stacks of intrigue? In other words, are they supplying plot? Are there impending twists in their tale? We’ve picked out our 10 most intriguing men and women in US Soccer this year. (We left Jurgen Klinsmann off the list because the national team manager is intriguing by default; nothing new about 2016. Besides, he’s more “controversial” than “intriguing.” If we scratch out a “10 Most Controversial” list for the year, yeah, that man will be Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4.) They ... Read more

Who had soccer’s worst 2015?

The end of the Gregorian calendar year is a time when many publications, websites and blogs pull out their “best of” lists.  These are always fun to read because they provide a nostalgic look back on the year that was, but if you really think about, it these are sad articles.  The heroes we commemorate may have reached a high-point that can never be reached again.  Will the person who created that dress no one could tell the color of ever garner that much buzz again?  Probably not. However, it’s those lists of the disasters, disappointments and disgraces that provide ... Read more

Sunil Gulati had a bad 2015; 2016 needs to be better

Is there anyone in the US soccer establishment more ready for 2015 to be over than federation president Sunil Gulati? Well, check that … in this glorious year of FIFA comeuppance, perhaps we should say it this way: “Is there anyone associated with US soccer not headed to jail who is more ready for 2015 to over and done with already?” The point is, it’s been a pretty rough year for one of US Soccer’s most influential figures, punctuated by this latest bungle, this PR tire fire in Hawaii, a mess completely of US Soccer’s creation. Yep. It’s been one ... Read more

Sunil Gulati to blame for decline of USA Team

Just two days after Bob Bradley’s USA side was knocked out of the 2010 World Cup in heartbreaking fashion by Ghana, US Soccer President Sunil Gulati was asked how he felt about the team’s tournament run. He answered, “I think the team is capable of more. I think the players know it. I think Bob knows it. And so at that level we’re disappointed we didn’t get to play another 90 minutes at least.” He would go on to talk about his extreme disappointment in the campaign, and make Bradley’s job status a loud, open question for months to come. ... Read more