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Top 10 streaming services for watching soccer

The two biggest misconceptions about streaming soccer are, one, many of the games aren’t available via streaming, and, two, you can’t watch the games on television. Both of these are untrue. First, there’s more soccer available via legal streaming now than ever before. Practically every soccer league worth its salt is available on a variety of soccer streaming services (we continue to update the master list of where you can find the leagues and competitions). Secondly, any of the games you watch on streaming can be viewed on your television set by taking a couple of extra steps. To walk ... Read more

How things could have been so different if MLS had continued on NBC Sports

There’s no doubt that NBC Sports has transformed the fortunes and perception of the Premier League in the United States, but it is often forgotten NBC Sports actually acquired the rights to show Major League Soccer (MLS) for three seasons from 2012-2014 before they acquired the US’ Premier League rights. NBC’s coverage of MLS was outstanding enough to win plaudits from fans and media, but as the US-based top flight league approaching its nineteenth season, MLS executives were — according to a World Soccer Talk source — demanding a massive increase in the rights fees to broadcast the domestic league, which ... Read more

Why beIN SPORTS acquiring Copa Libertadores is a big deal for soccer fans in US

The importance of the acquisition deal by beIN SPORTS in obtaining the rights to the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana for the next four years in the United States cannot be overstated. Speaking to World Soccer Talk, beIN SPORTS’ deputy managing director for the U.S. and Canada Antonio Briceño said there was a lot of interest in acquiring the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana competitions. “There were [other bidders], but the deciding factor [in CONMEBOL agreeing to do the deal with beIN SPORTS] is what they’ve seen us do with LaLiga in the past six years. “We will be the ... Read more

US TV schedule of soccer games during international break: Nov. 14-20

The vast majority of club soccer leagues around the world have been put on pause for the next two weeks as national teams prepare for important matches in the UEFA Nations League, Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers as well as friendlies across the globe. With the UEFA 2020 qualification draw scheduled for December 2, it means that the upcoming round of UEFA Nations League games are vitally important. England will seal a place as finalists if Spain fail to beat Croatia and England then win their final game. France will reach the finals with a draw or better against the ... Read more

Rating each network on how it promotes its soccer coverage

Soccer fans in the United States often complain that the sport isn’t properly advertised or promoted by the networks who hold the rights to show the most popular leagues. While soccer still sits behind many other sports in terms of promotion, some networks do a better job than others in making viewers aware of what soccer properties they air. The success of a league measured by TV viewing numbers can be attributed to several factors outside of how entertaining a league is. After all, if no one knows when the games are being televised, it can have a dramatic impact ... Read more

Schedule of international break soccer games on US TV and streaming: Oct. 9-16

With the vast majority of club soccer leagues taking a break over the next 10 days to allow for the international break, there are more than 70 national team games to look forward to on US TV and/or streaming. You can choose between the UEFA Nations League as well as qualifying for the Women’s World Cup. On top of that, there are some enticing friendlies featuring Argentina-Brazil, USA-Colombia, Spain-England and many more. So, if you’re looking for the schedule of international break soccer games on US TV and streaming, we have everything you need to know. TV/streaming information is subject ... Read more

Univision Deportes to debut European soccer highlights show four days a week

Univision Deportes already has made Liga MX one of the most popular soccer leagues on television in the United States, but now the Spanish-language broadcaster is ready to dive head first into European soccer when it launches its coverage of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League group stages next week. The addition of the rights to the UEFA club competitions as well as the UEFA Nations League signals a shift in focus of Univision Deportes’ soccer coverage strategy. Not only will they have Liga MX, MLS and select Bundesliga games, but they’ll be broadcasting teams such as Barcelona, Liverpool, ... Read more

How to stream soccer to your TV [VIDEO]

The past 12 months have seen dramatic changes in the way that we watch soccer games in the United States. With the launch of NBC Sports Gold, B/R Live and ESPN+ — just to name a few — the number of games that are only available via streaming has skyrocketed. With all of the changes and options available via streaming services, we can still watch these great games on our TV set even if the matches are only being streamed. But how? We explain in the video below with step-by-step instructions. As well as soccer matches, you can also stream all of ... Read more