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Sling Latino expands to offer World Cup, LaLiga, MLS and more for $10 per month

With el Clásico and the 2018 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, Sling Latino has expanded its offerings to include the Universo channel which, when added to the other networks available, makes it worth considering for a cord cutting option that’s just $10 per month. Sling TV offers so many possibilities to pick and choose the channels that you want. But if you’re looking for a way to save money this summer and not miss out on the World Cup, Sling Latino could be your ticket. For example, you can watch 58 out of the 64 World Cup games ... Read more

Sling Blue cheatsheet now available for download, answers questions about streaming service

Out of all of the legal streaming services available in the United States, Sling Blue is one of the most appealing to sports fans because it offers NBC Sports and FOX Sports in one package for $25/month. Of course, the streaming package from Sling TV offers much more than just those two networks. In fact, it offers so many different channels and options to consider that it can sometimes appear confusing. That’s why we have published a Sling Blue cheatsheet that describes everything that’s included with the streaming service, as well as including all of the other important details such ... Read more

PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV vs. fuboTV comparison of top streaming services

Between PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and fuboTV, which is the better streaming service for residents in the United States? The short answer is it depends on you. Each streaming service is different in many ways. Not every streaming service offers the same channels. Some offer DVR functionality, some do not. The pricing is different with each one, and each of them offers different special offers. So, at the end of the day, it all depends what you and your family or partner wants or needs. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled the most up-to-date listing of all of the ... Read more

Speed tests between Sling TV, fuboTV, PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV NOW

Ever wonder who would win a speed test between Sling TV, fuboTV, PS Vue and DIRECTV NOW? Several of our readers have posted comments on our website asking for us to do a laboratory test to determine which of the legal streaming services is the fastest and most reliable. While we haven’t had a chance to do so yet, we did stumble across a speed test on YouTube. Conducted by fuboTV, the speed test compares Sling TV, fuboTV, PS Vue and DIRECTV NOW. Each of the legal streaming platforms were installed on the same make of laptops and then compared ... Read more

Comparison of fubo Latino, Sling TV and FOX Soccer 2GO soccer streaming services

When it comes to deciding which legal soccer streaming service to sign up for, the number of choices available continues to increase. At the same time, the services are adding new networks and enhancing their features quite often. To help make the decision easier, we’ve created a comparison below between the leading low-cost legal soccer streaming services available in the United States. If you’re interested in the best available soccer streaming services, which includes news, entertainment and other networks, take a look at our other comparison guide. But if you’re looking for low-cost streaming services, these are the ones to ... Read more

Comparing soccer coverage on fuboTV, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue

With the news that fuboTV has significantly expanded its product offering to move from soccer-centric channels to those plus a long list of entertainment and news channels, fuboTV’s legal streaming service is now in the same ballpark as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. We already know that fuboTV offers the most comprehensive selection of soccer coverage on any legal streaming platform in the United States, but how does it compare to Sling TV and PS Vue on everything else? We take a closer look in our comparison guide below. As you can see from the streaming options below, each one ... Read more

How to watch soccer over-the-air with HD indoor TV antenna

If you’re a subscriber to Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW or the soon-to-be relaunched fuboTV, one of the biggest complaints is that you’re not able to watch the Premier League games on the NBC over-the-air network TV. The same applies to the over-the-air FOX network. Both the NBC and FOX networks are only available in select cities (approximately 12 nationwide). If you don’t live in those select cities, you’re unable to watch live programming (reason being is because NBC and FOX can only show live programming via Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and fuboTV in those cities where NBC/FOX own ... Read more

Consumers benefitting from increased competition between streaming services

One of the major benefits of the battle between streaming companies to win customers in the United States is that the consumers are the ones that are being offered special deals to entice them to sign up. As of press time, here are the latest deals to encourage you to sign up: • Sling TV: Get a free Roku Streaming Stick when you prepay for 1 month. Or get an Apple TV for $89 or 50% off a Roku Premiere+ when you prepay 3 months of Sling TV. First, get the 7-day free trial to Sling Orange/Blue to get started. • Sling ... Read more