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Carmelo Anthony owned NASL club in Puerto Rico yield questions of viability

On Thursday, NASL announced New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony as an owner of a new expansion team in Puerto Rico. The league last had a team in Puerto Rico during the 2012 season. The previous year, in 2011, as the Islanders were coming off a double-championship season (both USSF Division 2 and the CFU Club Championship), which included a 5-3 win over two legs over the LA Galaxy, the club averaged less than 2,500 fans in NASL play. Since Puerto Rico saw declining attendances for Islanders in their last few seasons, it’s a mystery as to why the NASL ... Read more

What the Soccer Landscape Looks Like In Puerto Rico After the Islanders Era

In 2008, the Puerto Rico Islanders were on the brink of greatness, just a penalty round away from playing for the CONCACAF Champions League championship. Fast forward four years later to 2012, and the franchise had all but disappeared. The heavy governmental financing of the project, coupled with a change in ruling party, when most of the ownership were heavily involved in the defeated government, mixed with a plummeting economy spelled the end for the club that placed Puerto Rican soccer on the international landscape. It’s been two years since the news came, and Puerto Rican soccer is still struggling ... Read more

Islanders Return to CONCACAF Champions League

Don Garber’s hopes that USL would be shut out of the 2009/10 version of the CONCACAF Champions League have not been realized. Last night in Trinidad, the Islanders recorded a 2-0 semifinal win in the CFU Final Four over Haitian Champions Tempete. Kendall Jagdeosingh scored the winning goal on a cross from Scott Jones early in extra time and Peter Villegas scored another later to provide the margin for victory. The Islanders will face W Connection of Trindad and Tobago in the final Sunday. This will represent a hostile road atmosphere for the Islanders but after the USL-1 side advanced ... Read more


The march on DC by supporters will be covered extensively on this week’s podcast. We’re doing the review a day early this week because I will be traveling on Monday morning. Kansas City-DC was a difficult game to watch, but both teams fought hard to split the points. Referee Michael Kennedy made two very questionable penalty decisions in the dying minutes in front of a ruckus midweek crowd at Rio Tinto. Much like last season, RSL dropped points in a match they dominated at home. Will Johnson found himself the focal point off all the craziness in stoppage time Wednesday. ... Read more

More Mexican Misery: Islanders Out of CONCACAF after PKs

Taking a 2-0 lead back to Mexico for an MLS or USL side in a Continental competition should never be permitted. For third time in three years a team from one of North America’s leagues has blown a two goal aggregate lead heading into the second leg. Ironically, however the result ended up being affected by CONCACAF’s rules that have changed over the past few years. In the old Champions Cup, CONCACAF did not use away goals. Had the away goals rule been applied, Houston would have advanced to the CONCACAF Champions Cup final in 2007 defeating Pachuca. Instead, Pachuca ... Read more

CONCACAF Champions League Semifinals: Keys for the Islanders

Well the big day has finally arrived. After three weeks of waiting, the Puerto Rico Islanders of USL-1 face off against Mexican giants Cruz Azul in Mexico City in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Semifinals. The Islanders hold a 2-0 aggregate lead with the winner of the tie advancing to the Confederation finals with an opportunity to play in the FIFA World Club Championship. The Islanders had two real good chances in addition to a penalty shout to extend the first leg margin to three goals, but failed to extend beyond the same two goal lead going ... Read more

CONCACAF Champions League: Islanders vs Cruz Azul Preview

The big day has finally arrived. The first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League semifinal will feature the Puerto Rico Islanders of our USL versus Cruz Azul of the dominant FMF. Puerto Rico was able to handle Santos Laguna at home during the group stages in a game which ended with typically unsporting play and chipiness from the Mexican based players. But at this stage of the tournament and considering the Islanders are still a month away from starting their regular season, beating a Mexican side even in the home leg is going to be very difficult. Cruz Azul is ... Read more

Islanders Advance

USL-1 has placed a team in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League, just a day after the last MLS representative the Houston Dynamo were embarrassed in Cancun at the hands of Atlante. Yesterday we discussed tactics on this site: specifically how Colin Clarke, the second leading goal scorer in Northern Ireland National Team history manages his Islanders on the road. That the Islanders did this without arguably their two most skilled players: Peter Villegas and Jonathan Steele also refutes the argument that somehow MLS clubs have gotten unlucky in the tournament because of injuries. Once again on Wednesday night, ... Read more