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Creating the ultimate soccer league with best attributes from leagues around world

What if you could combine the best parts of soccer leagues from around the world, and turn them into one league that, on paper, would be the ultimate soccer league? Writer Greg McKay lets us inside to see what it would look like. Super clubs dominate European leagues. Fans of smaller teams in those leagues will feel more strongly about borrowing the concept of a salary cap. Though you will not find agreement on what is the best league in the world, most soccer fans hold strong opinions about what their favorite league lacks as compared with other leagues around ... Read more

World Soccer Talk supports Miami FC and Kingston Stockade FC’s case for arbitration against USSF

Last week, two US-based soccer clubs, Miami FC and the Kingston Stockade FC, filed a claim with the Court of Arbitration on Sport (CAS) to require the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to to follow FIFA’s rules by adopting promotion and relegation within the US Soccer pyramid. We at World Soccer Talk endorse this move by Miami FC and the Kingston Stockade. This isn’t meant a shot at the top-tier US league, Major League Soccer (MLS). In fact, were it not for the persistence of MLS owners and their invest millions of dollars in the sport, we may not have top level ... Read more

Without promotion/relegation, USSF is holding back growth of soccer argues report

A new report from one of the most respected analyst firms in the world has sent a loud and clear message to the US Soccer Federation — by preventing promotion/relegation from happening in the United States, the USSF is holding back the growth of soccer in this country. The Deloitte report suggests that as the MLS franchise model reaches maturity, a revised structure can advance the long-term health of the US soccer system. In doing so, US Soccer has a major opportunity to capitalize on growing US interest in soccer and stimulate further growth in the professional club game in the ... Read more

France votes for promotion/relegation play-offs

Photo credit: AFP France will introduce a play-off to decide the final promotion and relegation place between the top two divisions from next season, the French Football League (LFP) said on Thursday. The top two finishers in the second division — Ligue 2 — and the bottom two Ligue 1 sides will swap places as is the current case. But the third-place finisher in Ligue 2 will no longer earn automatic promotion, playing off instead against the third-bottom finisher of Ligue 1 in a two-legged tie. SEE MORE: Schedule of Ligue Un games on US TV and live streaming “We ... Read more

Could a hybrid promotion/relegation system work in US soccer?; By Kartik Krishnaiyer

The discussion around promotion and relegation, and the potential of it being implemented in the US/Canadian leagues has grown in scope and intensity over the last few years. One camp of fans and analysts clearly state that American sporting culture is different than what we see in Europe or South America, and that promotion and relegation simply can never fit our system. This camp argues that investors that pour millions of dollars into franchises cannot be expected to expose this investment to the potential of “their” team being relegated. A second camp argues that the closed system of Major League Soccer has ... Read more

Are you for or against promotion/relegation in US soccer, and why?

The topic of promotion and relegation in US soccer is a divisive one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that it’s possible to have an intelligent discussion regarding the topic without comments threads being plagued with soccer fans calling each other names. But what I am interested in hearing and reading is what your opinion is regarding promotion/relegation and whether you believe it has a place in US soccer or not. In a presentation today in Manchester, MLS Commissioner Don Garber discussed the growth of MLS and how it’s becoming more relevant, not just in the US but also ... Read more

NASL’s Bill Peterson moves promotion/relegation conversation forward

NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson gave a wide-ranging interview on an array of topics related to the second division in the United States and Canada to The Telegraph newspaper this week. The most talked about and controversial comments by Peterson relate to promotion and relegation within the league system in North America. For five plus years, the NASL has courted the fourth division NPSL as a potential partner. These discussions, which began in June 2010, intensified after a partnership was announced between first division Major League Soccer (MLS) and third division USL. This partnership involves the loaning of players and the ... Read more

Why the Promotion/Relegation Debate Should Be Ignored

One of the topics that generates a lot of clicks on the Internet, but that we’ve purposefully stayed away from, is the debate about promotion/relegation in the US soccer system. There’s a couple of reasons why we’ve avoided it until now. One, it’s a hornet’s nest. It attracts a lot of irrational comments from both sides of the fence. The “conversation” among readers ends up quickly descending into chaos. The second reason we generally avoid the topic is that promotion/relegation isn’t going to happen in the United States until the NFL adopts it first, which means it’s never going to happen. The ... Read more