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Premier League backs British vote to stay in EU

London (AFP) – Footballing powerhouse the Premier League weighed into Britain’s referendum debate on Monday, saying a departure from EU would go against the “openness” of the league and all of its clubs. “Nobody bears the scars more than me of having to go and negotiate in Brussels and try and organise things a little bit in our interests in terms of the European machine,” Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore told BBC radio. But he added: “Ultimately you can’t break away, you can’t just pull out, you have to get in and negotiate and try and organise and try ... Read more

Premier League’s policy on online match highlights helps, not hurts, piracy

The Premier League continues to wage a war on social media sites that feature illegal clips of matches that are uploaded by users. First, it was YouTube. Then, it was Vine. And this week, it’s Streamable. The list will undoubtedly continue as soccer fans (and pirates) look for new ways to share clips. But at the same time the Premier League tries to police the Internet and remove its copyrighted material, the league is its own worst enemy. The league prevents rights holders (yes, the same rights holders who pay millions for the privilege to legally show highlights) from making the match highlights ... Read more

Jose Mourinho welcomes new code of conduct to reduce abuse of referees

Jose Mourinho has welcomed the Football Association's crackdown on abuse of match officials, despite his at times fractious relationship with football's authorities. A new code of conduct will see touchline staff who abuse officials first given a verbal warning before being sent to the stand in the event of a repeat offense. The Chelsea manager says he behaved well last term, before pointedly referring to the moment he was pushed in the chest by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger at Stamford Bridge last October. "I am very happy because last season I had fantastic behavior on the touchline. I was never ... Read more

Why the Premier League’s 6-year TV rights option for US broadcasters could change everything

The recent report by Sports Business Daily that the Premier League has asked US broadcasters to bid on separate 3-year and 6-year options to try to acquire the rights to the Premier League is bad news for soccer fans. The Premier League has always sold its US rights packages in 3-year deals, but has added the opportunity  for broadcasters — for the first-time ever — to enter 6-year bids. The current Premier League rights deal with NBC Sports expires at the end of the 2015/16 season, so interested media companies — NBC, ESPN, FOX, beIN SPORTS and others — are bidding on the 2016/17 to 2019/20 ... Read more

Premier League TV rights battle in US has begun

The battle for Premier League TV rights in the United States for seasons 2016-2019 has begun. According to a World Soccer Talk source, the Premier League sent out invitation to tender letters during the first week of July. The interested bidders — such as FOX Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports and others — will have an opportunity to begin the process of gathering materials and readying their bids. The Premier League uses a closed-bidding system where none of the TV networks knows what the rivals are bidding. The process can often take several weeks. Plus, there’s a chance that the bidding ... Read more

Why it’s time to rejoice that the Premier League will no longer be the BPL after 2015/16 season

Before World Soccer Talk launched its rebrand, it was known as ‘EPL Talk’ for several years. During those EPL Talk years, I lost count of the number of times I had to defend the name of the site from foreigners who wanted to correct me and say that there was no such thing as the ‘EPL’ and that it should be referred to by its official acronym, the ‘BPL’ (as in Barclays Premier League). But with today’s announcement that the Premier League will, as of 2016/17, continue onwards without a league sponsor, the BPL acronym will die until the world’s ... Read more

Manchester United warn not to expect 70% rise in international Premier League TV rights

Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has warned that the staggering 70 per cent rise in domestic Premier League TV rights may not be replicated when the international rights are sold. Woodward also defended United’s ticket prices after news of the £5.136billion TV deal with Sky and BT Sport for the 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons led to calls for clubs to slash ticket prices. The Premier League will start to sell their rights to overseas countries – worth around £2.5billion for the current three-year period – towards the end of the season, but Woodward suggested the fierce competition in ... Read more

Weaknesses of Premier League Exposed at 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Premier League is lauded by its proponents as the best league in the world. While many do not believe the World Cup is the best competition this sport has to offer (the UEFA Champions League is arguably a higher quality), it is a high-level indicator as to a league’s strength. What we have seen from the World Cup is that the Premier League simply isn’t measuring up to the hype. Some Premier League players such as Tim Howard, Wilfried Bony and Vincent Kompany had good World Cups. Others like Eden Hazard, Steven Gerrard, David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Mesut Özil ... Read more