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Soccer fans get extended coverage of Sky Sports News on NBCSN

The coronavirus is a serious issue, but soccer fans in the United States will now get more live coverage of Sky Sports News on NBCSN than ever before. Beginning Monday, NBCSN will extend the live coverage of Sky Sports News on weekdays to between four and six hours as a direct result of needing to fill their programming schedule. With many of the leagues and sporting competitions suspended, NBCSN has a lot more time to fill with live or on-demand programming. And Sky Sports News, being simulcast from the UK, is an ideal fit. Whether Sky Sports News will have ... Read more

The 2 Robbies interview: Making connections with soccer fans on TV and at fan fests

Recently, World Soccer Talk took a stroll with Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle — better known as The 2 Robbies — to find out more about their connection with their viewing audience, what it means to be involved in a Premier League fan fest, and how they’ve been able to create a strong chemistry on set via the NBC Sports network. Here’s our exclusive interview with The 2 Robbies:   Christopher: How difficult has it been to integrate the tactics board into what you’re doing on TV? In terms of analyzing games, where it’s completely seamless and you may be ... Read more

Kyle Martino on abandoning Twitter, US Soccer making mistakes and promoting street soccer

When it comes to thought-provoking soccer analysts on US television, Kyle Martino is one of the best. As a former pro who is able to deconstruct a game and explain his observations to viewers, Martino wears his heart on his sleeve. Having run for the office of President of US Soccer, Martino also knows the politics of the game in this country. But at the same time, he’s passionate about growing the game both through television, as well as the foundations he runs that are separate from his work for NBC Sports. In this exclusive interview, Martino tackles a ton ... Read more

Rebecca Lowe opens up about NBC’s Premier League coverage and mentoring

Rebecca Lowe, the host of NBC’s Premier League coverage, recently sat down with World Soccer Talk to share her thoughts on how she sees herself as a role model for young women and what she’s doing to help aspiring females who want a future in sports broadcasting. She also discusses the chemistry she has with Robbie Earle, Kyle Martino and Robbie Mustoe, as well as the connection that she has with the viewing audience. In our conversation, we also talk about her upcoming role as one of the hosts of NBC’s Summer Olympics coverage in Tokyo, and how that’ll impact ... Read more

NBC Sports to broadcast next 10 Premier League matches all on TV

When the Premier League made the decision to enforce their first-ever winter break, few would have expected it would have such a welcoming impact on TV coverage for soccer fans in the United States. After all, you would expect a two-week winter break to have a negative impact with visions of weekend mornings and afternoons being silent when Premier League matches would normally be on. The opposite is true. The way that the Premier League has rolled out the changes with fewer matches being played, it means that NBC Sports will — for the first time — be able to broadcast every ... Read more

NBC’s Peacock premium streaming service to include Premier League games

When NBC’s brand-new streaming service named Peacock launches this summer, subscribers in the United States will have another way of accessing non-televised matches from the Premier League. Beginning August 2020, soccer fans will be able to watch non-televised Premier League games through Peacock Premium for $10 per month (no ads) or $5 per month (with ads). While Peacock Premium will not replace NBC Sports Gold (that service will still continue as-is), one advantage of Peacock Premium is a slight cost savings from what subscribers were accustomed to paying for NBC Sports Gold (ranging from $39.99 to $64.99 per season depending ... Read more

Reporter Neil Ashton leaves NBCSN to start his own media consultancy firm

On Sunday, NBCSN reporter Neil Ashton announced on-air that his time with NBC Sports had come to an end. His unlikely destination? The popular English reporter has launched his own media consultancy business where his first client will be Manchester United. Ashton has played a key role at NBCSN for the last several years where he has been the network’s “Premier League Insider,” sharing a unique perspective on everything from transfers to the latest board room and managerial changes throughout England. In a 2016 interview with NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Pierre Moossa, the executive explained why Ashton was a key ... Read more

7 most revealing insights from NBC’s Premier League Fan Fest in Miami Beach

Since launching the first Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in 2017, NBC Sports has hosted several of these events across the country including New York City, Austin, Washington DC, Boston and — this past weekend — Miami Beach. Having watched all of the Fan Fests on television, the Miami Beach event was the first one I attended in person. Here are seven of the most revealing insights I learned from the Premier League Fan Fest:   1) Size does matter. During last weekend’s Premier League matches, there were only three time windows where there was just one match featured. Saturday morning, ... Read more