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NBC’s Peacock premium streaming service to include Premier League games

When NBC’s brand-new streaming service named Peacock launches this summer, subscribers in the United States will have another way of accessing non-televised matches from the Premier League. Beginning August 2020, soccer fans will be able to watch non-televised Premier League games through Peacock Premium for $10 per month (no ads) or $5 per month (with ads). While Peacock Premium will not replace NBC Sports Gold (that service will still continue as-is), one advantage of Peacock Premium is a slight cost savings from what subscribers were accustomed to paying for NBC Sports Gold (ranging from $39.99 to $64.99 per season depending ... Read more

Reporter Neil Ashton leaves NBCSN to start his own media consultancy firm

On Sunday, NBCSN reporter Neil Ashton announced on-air that his time with NBC Sports had come to an end. His unlikely destination? The popular English reporter has launched his own media consultancy business where his first client will be Manchester United. Ashton has played a key role at NBCSN for the last several years where he has been the network’s “Premier League Insider,” sharing a unique perspective on everything from transfers to the latest board room and managerial changes throughout England. In a 2016 interview with NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Pierre Moossa, the executive explained why Ashton was a key ... Read more

7 most revealing insights from NBC’s Premier League Fan Fest in Miami Beach

Since launching the first Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in 2017, NBC Sports has hosted several of these events across the country including New York City, Austin, Washington DC, Boston and — this past weekend — Miami Beach. Having watched all of the Fan Fests on television, the Miami Beach event was the first one I attended in person. Here are seven of the most revealing insights I learned from the Premier League Fan Fest:   1) Size does matter. During last weekend’s Premier League matches, there were only three time windows where there was just one match featured. Saturday morning, ... Read more

NBC Sports increasing rugby’s popularity on US TV by using Premier League blueprint

More than 650,000 people tuned into NBC for South Africa’s win over England in the Rugby World Cup Final on November 2. That big number, and NBC’s overall success with the six-week long Rugby World Cup, validates the Peacock network’s investment in yet another ascending sport in America. Now NBC stands poised to do for rugby what it did for the Premier League – transform a well-kept secret of a sport into a mainstream success. Jon Miller, President of Programming for NBC Sports & NBCSN, is justifiably proud of what his network has achieved with rugby. Miller told World Soccer ... Read more

NBC Sports and Premier League heading to Austin for next fan festival

NBC Sports and the Premier League celebrate the 2019-20 season by heading southwest for the first time with the next Premier League Mornings Live fan festival in Austin, Texas on October 26-27, 2019. The two-day fan festival will take over Scholz Garten, the oldest beer garden in America, and features live action from nine games across five match windows, including two matches on NBC. Premier League clubs are joining the action at the event, which will feature special guests, club mascots, soccer-themed fan events, contests and more. Fans interested in attending can sign up here. NBC Sports’ Premier League Mornings ... Read more

Interview with Pierre Moossa, coordinating producer for NBC Sports’ coverage of Premier League

Editor’s note: Here’s a transcript of a recent conversation we had with Pierre Moossa, coordinating producer for NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the Premier League. The audio of the interview can be found on the World Soccer Talk Podcast. Christopher Harris: The first question I have, which is a pretty open-ended question, is what will be different and what will be better the season than in previous years? Pierre Moossa: I would start off with saying we spent a lot of time last season building up different avenues for Premier League fans to consume the Premier League. Big focus on ... Read more

NBC embarks on tighter relationship with Sky Sports to enhance Premier League coverage

NBC Sports will be hoping that seven is their lucky number as the broadcaster enters its seventh consecutive season of Premier League coverage this weekend in the United States. During those seven years, the American-based broadcaster has evolved its coverage every single season since the debut 2013/14 year. This upcoming season features several major changes to keep broadcasts fresh and to potentially increase viewing audience figures. A large part of the changes are a result of the Comcast acquisition of Sky TV, which has created a closer synergy between the two broadcasters who are now sister companies. This season, we ... Read more

Clive Tyldesley interview: Commentator discusses his work with NBC Sports and ITV

Clive Tyldesley is well known in England but his appearance on NBC’s coverage of the Premier League near the end of last season brought him a newfound audience. 

He called the crucial tie between Brighton and Hove Albion and Manchester City that saw the Lancashire club clinch the Premier League title. 

Steve Clare, founder of, met with Tyldesley in London for World Soccer Talk and asked him how his career had evolved before the American opportunity appeared. “I have been happily in the employ of ITV since 1996 and my contract with them has always been an exclusive one,” ... Read more