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Final two Bundesliga matchdays to be featured on FS2 with MultiMatch 90

The final two matchdays of the 2016/17 Bundesliga season will be featured live on FOX Sports 2. All of the games will be included in the MultiMatch 90 whiparound show, which will be hosted by Ross Dyer. If you haven’t watched MultiMatch 90 before on FOX Soccer Plus or FOX Soccer 2GO, the way it works is that Dyer will start broadcasting one of the Bundesliga matches but will then switch coverage back and forth between any of the nine Bundesliga matches that are being played from 9:30-11:30am. If there’s a goal, free kick or crucial moment in any match, ... Read more

MultiMatch 90 is the best way to experience UEFA Champions League coverage on FOX Sports

MultiMatch 90 is a service FOX Sports hardly promotes, most people aren’t aware of and is hidden on FOX Soccer Plus (which many soccer fans can’t subscribe to) and FOX Soccer 2GO (which costs $20 per month). However, despite the poor marketing efforts, MultiMatch 90 is the single best feature of FOX Sports’ entire soccer coverage. If you’re not familiar with it, MultiMatch 90 is similar to the whiparounds that ESPN and NBCSN have done in the past for soccer where, instead of showing just one game, they hop from concurrent game to game as soon as a key moment in the match happens. Hosted ... Read more

Report Card for FOX Sports’ MultiMatch 90 Soccer Coverage

Now that the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League is over until the Knockout Round kicks off in February, it’s perfect timing to give a report card for FOX’s new soccer TV experience called MultiMatch 90, which was quietly debuted in September. The concept of MultiMatch 90 is to mimic a similar experience that NFL fans enjoy with the RedZone channel where instead of broadcasting one live UEFA Champions League game, FOX Sports offers a broadcast that jumps around from live game to game when anything exciting or of note happens such as goals, free kicks, red cards, etcetera. The challenge ... Read more