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Orlando City Soccer Club Reveals MLS Logo

The 21st MLS team, Orlando City Soccer Club, has announced its new logo for its upcoming 2015 season where they will be participating in MLS play for the first time. David Brotherton, a fan and graphic-designer who purchased season tickets in 2011, designed their new lion logo. Brotherton also submitted designs for a stadium and ideas for what could go alongside the new stadium in Downtown Orlando. Orlando City revealed its new logo to team employees in their new headquarters in Thorton Park. The new logo features a golden lion on a purple background surrounded by a golden sunshine with 21 ... Read more

MLS Facing Unmitigated Disaster

Major League Soccer is a niche league, perhaps the largest niche league in North America (depending on your view of hockey and the NHL).  It lacks a lot of the tradition, and strength that can be found in older leagues such as the National Football League, or Major League Baseball.  Even the NHL has strong traditions relative to Major League soccer.  Niche leagues fill certain markets, and reach out to small support bases.  They are not immune to problems and possess a wide variety of weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is the susceptibility to a work stoppage. Major League Soccer ... Read more

Houston Dynamo Secure Playoff Berth With 1-1 Draw Against Kansas City Wizards

Former Dynamo Player Kei Kamara Going into Sunday’s home match against the Kansas City Wizards, the Houston Dynamo knew the needed a result to secure their fourth straight playoff berth since moving to the Bayou City, but when forward Cam Weaver received a red card in the 17th minute hopes of an easy victory were quickly dashed. The crowd of 16,854 who braved the early rain that gave way to heat and humidity, were not disappointed because in the 26th minute, Luis Angel Landin scored his first MLS goal, giving the Dynamo a lead going into halftime. Unfortunately, the Dynamo ... Read more

MLS FutureWatch – Salaries, The CBA and TV

In my last post on MLS’ future, I postulated that the television rights deals of the future will determine the level of play we will see on the field. I also stated that it is my belief that MLS must offer a better quality product on the field in order to achieve higher fees. Kind of a chicken or egg dilemna. A quick review. The major domestic rights deals, with Disney(ABC,ESPN) and Univision, expire in 2014, two World Cups from now. The impact of the success or failure of the US Men’s National team is a subject for another post, ... Read more

OPINION: Time to Reign In MLS’ Foreign Player Addiction

This morning in the Washington Post, Steven Goff wrote a column indicating the MLS is strongly considering doing away with age restrictions for international players and will then allow seven full internationals per 18 man (perhaps a bump up to 20 man) senior squad. I can think of no possible policy change that would be more destructive for both MLS and US Soccer than adopting this potential rule. English Football fans lament the loss of an Englishness to the Premier League and claim the struggles of the national team England fields is directly related to the number of foreign players ... Read more