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The 2010 MLS Season: Fair To The World Cup & Balanced

Major League Soccer A common complaint about Major League Soccer is its failure or unwillingness to observe FIFA International breaks. As recently as this month we have seen MLS matches played at the same time as crucial World Cup Qualifiers involving the United States National Team, this despite earlier indications from MLS that the League was going to pay closer attention to these FIFA breaks during the 2009 season. While frustrating, this attitude by MLS towards the FIFA breaks is not surprising since, historically, MLS does not suspend its season during the World Cup finals. Today there was finally some ... Read more

Dominic Kinnear: A Model MLS Coach

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world for many reasons, especially its coaching soap opera. No other league has managed to turn coaching vendettas and spats into a complex, highly entertaining mix of both low and high art in the manner that the EPL has achieved. Granted the league has been aided by the fact that the English press has more access to the Gaffers then to the players and that the tabloids thrive on cult of personalities, not tactics. The biggest sign of how ingrained the coaching soap opera is in ... Read more

Keep United in D.C. Day – May 9, 2009: A Grassroots Effort in Support of an MLS Team

Whether you love or hate DC United, there is no denying that the Capital City’s club is an important part of Major League Soccer’s short history. Despite being one of the original MLS clubs, and despite winning 4 MLS Cups, 4 Supporters’ Shields, the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup, and 2 U.S. Open Cups, the team has had little success in its efforts to obtain its own home, its own soccer specific stadium, in the D.C. area. While United’s current home, RFK Stadium, has played an important role in the American soccer landscape, anyone who has watched a match there can tell ... Read more

Match Preview: New England Revolution v. Houston Dynamo

– Photo by Katy Umana After what appeared to be another typical slow Dynamo start to the 2009 MLS Season, losing away matches to the San Jose Earthquakes and D.C. United and only getting draws with Columbus Crew and RedBull New York at home, the pressure was on the Dynamo to get a victory as they hosted the Colorado Rapids on April 20th. In the 20th minute of the match, Brian Ching finally ended the Dynamo’s 254 minute scoring drought when he found the back of the net. The Dynamo held their lead late into the second half, and just ... Read more

The MidSummer Classic – The Long History of Soccer All-Star Matches in the United States

All-Star Games are as All-American as Chevrolet, mom, and apple pie. The most famous and storied All-Star Game in the US is, of course, the one belonging to Major League Baseball, which was first played at Chicago’s Comiskey Park in 1933. The NBA’s All-Star Game, which, like the MLB version, is a midseason game, runs a distant second, while the NFL Pro-Bowl, is an all but ignored after thought that could disappear and no would really notice, especially since it takes place after the Super Bowl and serves more as a hangover then as one last taste of gridiron until ... Read more

The Ballad of Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu & Pele On Saturday in Monaco, A.S. Monaco beat Stade Rennes, 3 to 1, giving Monaco 40 points on the season thus far and securing a spot in the middle of the French Ligue 1 table. Sitting on Monaco’s bench, was one Freddy Adu, watching his team take on a Rennes’ squad that included the captain of the US National Team, Carlos Bocanegra. Despite suiting up on Saturday, Adu did not see any playing time. The apparently star-crossed story of Freddy Adu is familiar to most American soccer fans. Born in Ghana, Adu moved to the United States ... Read more

Give me the MLS & USL, or Give Me Death!

1930 US National Team In the comments made to my last post on this site, an individual stated that they were sick of hearing about ways to grow the MLS and suggested it should be shut down, put out of its misery. Well as both a fan and commentator on the Beautiful Game (whether you call it football, futbol, soccer, calcio, etc., I really don’t care. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by another name would smell as sweet.” As for me, I just tend to go with what my federation calls the game.), it is ... Read more

If I Ran the MLS

A couple weeks ago I was a guest on Mad About Futbol and the hosts asked me what I would do if I were the commissioner of the MLS. I kept my answer short and only touched on a couple topics, but in the back of my head was a longer laundry list. So without out further adieu, if the MLS hires me to run the league, here are 8 issues/topics that would be the focus of my reign. 1. Raise the Salary Cap Please notice that I said, “Raise the salary cap,” I did not say, “Abolish the salary ... Read more