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Interview with Miami Fusion’s Vincenzo Bernardo

In 2014, after more than six years of playing soccer in Italy, Austria and Guatemala, Vincenzo Bernardo returned to the US. Signed by Miami United FC, Bernardo put together a stellar season for the club during its National Premier Soccer League campaign, scoring seven goals in 12 matches. This season Bernardo became the first player to sign for the newly formed Miami Fusion FC as the club attempts to bring world class soccer back to the city. The Fusion kicked off the NPSL season earlier this month, and after dropping the first match of the season to Bernardo’s former team ... Read more

Miami Fusion version 2.0 back 13 years after MLS dumping

In 2002, months after winning the Major League Soccer Supporters’ Shield, the Miami Fusion was folded by the league due to investor Ken Horowitz deciding he was no longer going to finance the team. Now 14 seasons since the franchise’s best and last season in MLS, the Fusion name has been resurrected. Intelisport Inc. is the muscle behind the new Fusion, which is connected with the original MLS team through name only. The new club has ambitious plans as the team will begin life in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) on May 10th. The NPSL is the USA’s fourth-tier ... Read more

Miami catching up with New York and Los Angeles as soccer media capital in US

The Miami area has in the past few years quickly emerged as the third soccer media hub in the United States rivaling Los Angeles and New York. For a long time, the area hosted GolTV, which was the first national 24-hour soccer network on cable and satellite TV. But following the contraction of MLS’ Fort Lauderdale-based Miami Fusion club in 2001 and a long absence of major friendlies from 2003 to 2010, the area became seen as somewhat of a soccer wasteland. But this is no longer the case. The decision of beIN SPORTS to set up headquarters in Miami instead of New ... Read more

Wiping The Slate Clean With Major League Soccer

Over the past few years, I’ve been a critic of Major League Soccer, but I believe much of my criticism has been misconstrued by soccer fans in the United States. It’s not that I want MLS to fail. Far from it. I would love to see the league continue to grow in this country, but any criticism of MLS is often misinterpreted as negativity or “an agenda” when it is in fact constructive criticism. I’m here to start the 2014 MLS season with a clean slate, to take in the new season with an open mind and to give the ... Read more

Watch ‘Ray Hudson’s Miami Fusion,’ the Rise And Fall Of South Florida’s MLS Team [VIDEO]

The soul of soccer in South Florida was completely ripped out of the region in 2001 when MLS decided to fold the Miami Fusion. Twelve years on, it’s still difficult for me to write or talk about the Miami Fusion. It was a team that was so near and dear to my heart that when the team contracted, I cried. It felt like a divorce. To make matters worse, none of the fans — myself included — had a chance to say goodbye to the team, the players or our friends. Last Friday, episode 11 of the MLS Insider was released, which ... Read more

Who Will Be the 20th MLS Club?

As MLS prepares to begin its first season with 18 clubs, the recent talk on the Internet has focused on its possible 20th team.  Recent talk on this site has centered on Don Garber traveling to Miami to meet with Miami soccer fans; if you have not read The Gaffer’s article on the meeting then definitely check it out. But Miami will be in a tough race for that 20th slot, as one familiar name and one new name seem to be their biggest competition. The famed New York Cosmos, who have been maintaining operations in the hope of becoming ... Read more

Ray Hudson Interview

GolTV commentator Ray Hudson was recently interviewed by Kartik Krishnaiyer of Major League Soccer Talk. The former DC United and Miami Fusion coach had much to say about the possibility of a MLS team returning to South Florida. Hudson answered questions on several topics including: his thoughts on the Miami Barca deal and what Barcelona represents, how the fanbase in South Florida will take to a new MLS team, a trip down memory lane with the APSL Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the memories at DC United and Miami Fusion that stick out in Hudson’s mind, and what lessons MLS and US ... Read more

Barca Miami Expansion Bid Is Far From Perfect

Most pundits agree that Miami is odds-on favorites to get a Major League Soccer team in 2010 or 2011. After all, with a name like Barcelona tied to the club, how could MLS refuse? While the vast majority of articles about the expansion bid have been positive, I wanted to get a few things off my chest so the news is more balanced than what’s been printed in the media thus far. Let me first say that I was a Miami Fusion season ticket holder, a member of the Afusionados supporters group and covered the Fusion as a member of ... Read more