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Winner and Losers of the First Round of the 2012 Playoffs

As you may have noticed when you excitedly opened your podcast app this morning, we were unable to record a post-Thursday episode of the MLS Talk podcast due to a variety of conflicts.  However, after a wild and crazy first round/conference semi-final round, I wanted to approach a wrap-up from a different perspective.  After elections, many political blogs have a winners and losers column, which goes beyond simply who won the elections and digs down into which people and groups are the long-term winners.  In that vein, while we know that DC, Houston, Los Angeles, and Seattle were the winners ... Read more

Weekend Results Tighten Eastern Conference Race

Injuries, an international break, and a bevy of good matches gave MLS fans a number of games to watch Friday and Saturday.  With the number of games to be played dwindling, every match-up takes on that much more importance, and this weekend the results shook up the Eastern Conference standings. On Friday, a back and forth match saw the first place team grab a point in the last minute as Sporting Kansas City drew the Houston Dynamo 1-1.  Despite dominating the run of play early, the good Dynamo midfield was able to bottle the home team’s passing game while Brad ... Read more

New Markets Are Challenging MLS Appeal For Europe’s Name Players

In the beginning, MLS was a little league that merited little notice internationally.  On occasion an all star went overseas and their previous career was noted by pundits, but MLS itself was paid little heed by the Sky Sports of the world.  For better or for worse, this changed with the Beckham Experiment when the eyes of world soccer were turned to our league to see just how competitive it could be.  And while MLS is still tipped occasionally as a minor league mainly by a few ignorant journalists, it has been successful in attracting enough foreign talent that papers ... Read more

The Ten Commandments for a Successful International Friendly

I had the fortune of attending the DC United and Paris Saint-Germain friendly this past weekend, one which this site has covered fairly extensively due to the debut of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the French side.  The game, as has been noted, was scheduled at the last second as Juventus withdrew from its North American tour to prevent fatigue before the Italian Super Cup in China.  One of the advantages of being DC United is that its history and location make it a fairly compelling opponent for a friendly, meaning these kind of last second deals can happen.  But all of this happened ... Read more

Who is the Best Head Coach in MLS?

As the preseason gets into full swing and rosters begin to stabilize, it’s time to take a look at the men who pull the strings and have the greatest impact on the team itself.  The modern manager is part tactician, part showman, and part PR man.  The best are the ones who can bring a diverse team together and make it into a trophy-winning side.  Rarely can a side win an MLS Cup, Open Cup, or Supporters Shield with a mediocre or poor manager.  However, at times its the team that makes the man and only the perfect marriage of players ... Read more

Feuerstein’s Fire #83

Tuesday, December 13th 8PM EST – 5PM PST Guests: New Puerto Rico Islanders Head Coach Adrian Whitbread The other member of the MLS Talk Podcast Chris Webb reviews DC United’s season Colorado Rapids Supporter Patrick Quinn Clifford Alejos keeps us up to date on Orlando City’s possible move from USL Pro to MLS. US Olympic Qualifying Preview Listen to the show live.

MLS Blows it Badly With Comeback, Coach of the Year Awards

Leave it to MLS to miss a slam dunk.  As part of their daily unveiling of award winners leading up to the MLS Cup (an idea that I like that they do), the league announced the winners of the Comeback Player of the Year and Coach of the Year.  One of these awards was a no-brainer while the other one had reasonable arguments for all of the candidates, but strong arguments in favor of one of the finalists.  So MLS of course went with the biggest names and announced that David Beckham and his coach Bruce Arena had won Comeback ... Read more

MLS Gets It Right Regarding International Breaks

Video: Klinsmann gets the win Who remembers the last time that Major League Soccer played a regular season match during an international date? Who remembers the last time when an important World Cup Qualifier was being played while the New England Revolution faced the Los Angeles Galaxy? Well for the last three international match days, we finally know what it means to take a break from league play. Now obviously there have been some games rescheduled due to weather (such as Hurricane Irene, which forced three games to be changed from late August), but it’s still a fantastic feeling when ... Read more