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Most-watched Bundesliga games on US TV

With the 2019/20 Bundesliga restarting after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve received several questions from readers on social media and e-mail about how the latest viewing figures compare to other matches. So, based on popular demand, here’s the list of the most-watched Bundesliga games on US TV from 2016 through 2020 (English-language TV only). While we were disappointed with the recent numbers on FS1, the numbers are very positive when compared to previous Bundesliga matches that have aired on English-language U.S. television. In fact, the two big matches that aired recently are the most-watched Bundesliga viewing numbers on FS1 since ... Read more

Bundesliga TV ratings on FOX give ESPN+ a clear picture of starting point to build off

With no promotion or effort from FOX Sports, the two Bundesliga matches that aired on FS1 this past Saturday averaged 298,500 viewers. The highly anticipated derby between Dortmund and Schalke averaged 365,000 viewers, which was followed by the more “user-friendly” kick-off time of 12:30PM ET for Frankfurt-Borussia Monchengladbach that netted 232,000 viewers. Looking at the English-language viewing numbers in isolation, the metrics from FOX Sports give us a clear view of how the English-language only broadcasts performed. Looking at the numbers, is the glass half full or half empty? Since 2015 when FOX Sports acquired the rights, the vast majority ... Read more

FOX’s Bundesliga TV plans are a ‘kick in the teeth’ to German league and soccer fans

As the last and final European soccer league that FOX Sports has the rights to in the United States, the German Bundesliga is unfortunately on the receiving end of FOX’s declining interest in the global game. Sure, FOX Sports still have the rights to FIFA World Cup tournaments, Gold Cup and Major League Soccer, but if the match doesn’t have the words FIFA, MLS or SUM attached to it, there’s a noticeable decline in attention. The ‘why’ is difficult to ascertain. They’ve long given up on trying to appeal to the passionate soccer audience. In this case, the logical explanation ... Read more

FOX Sports to televise Bundesliga return across FS1, FS2 and FOX Soccer Plus

The more things change, the more they stay the same with FOX Sports. With no other major sports on U.S. television and the return of the Bundesliga around the corner, FOX Sports have the opportunity — as the rights-holder to the German league in the United States — to broadcast actual live sports to a wider audience on its networks at a time where there’s no real competition from any other sports network. So what have FOX Sports decided to do? Instead of trying to leverage its over-the-air FOX broadcast network to feature games, FOX Sports is picking up right where it ... Read more

Ian Joy leaving FOX Sports to pursue opportunities on East Coast

FOX Sports soccer analyst Ian Joy has announced that he will be leaving the network at the end of the 2019/20 Bundesliga season, World Soccer Talk has learned. “I’m excited for what is next,” Joy, who’s leaving his FOX job after five years at the network, told World Soccer Talk in an interview. “I’ve had some immense opportunities come my way over the last 24 months,” explained Joy. “And unfortunately because of my commitments to FOX, I have had to say no to a number of them. But there comes a point and time in my life where I have ... Read more

FOX acquires Olympic soccer qualifiers and CONCACAF Champions League

FOX Sports and Concacaf have agreed to an exclusive multi-year U.S. English-language rights deal, highlighted by the 2021 and 2023 Gold Cups as well as the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Qualifiers and Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League. “FOX Sports is excited to further its commitment to the sport of soccer through this new agreement with Concacaf,” said Mark Silverman, FOX Sports President, National Networks. “The U.S. Women’s National Team captivated a country with its World Cup victory last summer, and we’re honored to showcase this inspirational team once again as they begin their Olympic journey this week. Furthermore, we look forward ... Read more

FS2 removed from Sling Blue in blow to Bundesliga viewers

In its final season of coverage on FOX Sports, the Bundesliga will no longer be available on FS2 to Sling Blue subscribers. Instead, Sling TV customers will need to add the Sports Extra package at an additional $10 per month above and beyond their current service in order to get their fix of many German league matches. Earlier this week, we reported of another change for Sling TV subscribers with the removal of beIN SPORTS from the Best of Spanish TV package, which is one of the more popular add-ons for Sling TV customers wanting their soccer fix. The changes ... Read more

FOX Sports has gone from soccer destination to bit-part player in less than a decade

FOX has lost an inordinate amount of soccer rights in a decade As this decade comes to a close, it’s clear that FOX Sports is losing its grip on being a major soccer broadcaster in the United States. Firstly, FOX is in its last season of broadcasting the Bundesliga before the rights head over to ESPN+. Despite enjoying one of the best seasons in years, the German league has been used as filler with many games relegated to FS2 and FOX Soccer Plus so that coverage of other sports are prioritized over it such as NASCAR qualifying races and college ... Read more