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The evolution and importance of the MLS Designated Player

Frank Lampard was the worst Designated Player signing in MLS history. Then, he got on the field. Since making his first start of the 2016 season on June 18th at Yankee Stadium against the Philadelphia Union, Lampard has scored nine times in ten games over a stretch in which NYCFC has gone 6-2-2 and vaulted to the top of the Eastern Conference. Lampard can still play. The traits that made him one of the most prolific goal-scorers in Premier League history – from his instinctual finishing ability to his impeccable since of timing in and around the box – have, ... Read more

MLS’ Targeted Allocation Money fund is a flawed approach to growth

After weeks of speculation, Major League Soccer revealed on Wednesday a new funding mechanism intended to encourage clubs to invest in players that cost more than the league’s maximum salary budget charge of $436,250. In essence, the league is enticing its teams to utilize both of their Designated Player slots in exchange for $100,000 of ‘Targeted Allocation Money,’ over each of the next 5 years, for use in paying an additional player more than the max salary. Any effort to increase available salary funds and encourage teams to seek higher quality players is a step in the right direction and ... Read more

MLS ’13 – The Designated Player Rule: How Is It Working?

Finances are always a hot button in any sport, and American soccer is no different. With a sometimes controversial system that is quite unique in an international world of football, Major League Soccer continues to do business with a salary cap that helps to keep teams from getting caught in a spiral of overspending. Previous attempts at soccer leagues in America ran into financial pitfalls, and so the league built itself upon a certain amount of austerity. Even with the guarded spending MLS had its own share of dire financial straits a few years into its existence, forcing the league to pull ... Read more

MLS Announces Youth Designated Player Initiative

Fabian Castillo, Future Youth Designated Player? On Tuesday, Major League Soccer announced that they will be making a change in the Designated Player Rules for the 2012 season. The rules will be augmented to allow overseas players under the age of 23 to sign as Designated Players with a reduced cap hit to the team. For those who are under 20, the cap figure will be only $150,000, while those from 21-23 years of age will count at $200,000 against the team’s cap number. So, why was this necessary? The easy answer would be that the league sees this as ... Read more

Why International Stars Should Consider Destinations Besides NY and LA

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald The weekly MLS Talk podcast (subscribe via iTunes) discussed this week among other things the newest international star giving “come hither” looks to the American soccer league: AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf.  Seedorf of course is (reportedly) looking to make one last huge paycheck and expand his media presence, similar to Thierry Henry and everyone’s favorite Tottenham Galaxy player.  If he were to come to MLS, he has said he wants to play for, not surprisingly, Los Angeles or New York. No offense to the great LA and NY fans, but I am tired of international stars ... Read more

Which MLS Star Will be the Next Designated Player?

Overlooked in the American World Cup hype was the move by Seattle to sign their young striker Freddy Montero to an extension which also makes him a designated player.  Montero, 23, becomes Seattle’s third DP, joining Blaise Nkufo and Alvaro Fernandez.  More importantly, the signing prevents the young talent and 2009 Rookie of the Year from moving to Europe for more money and allows Seattle to keep their nucleus of talent in tact. The designated player rule was originally known as the “Beckham Rule” because it was supposed to allow clubs the financial flexibility to sign international stars like Beckham ... Read more

DP’s and Allocation Money

I suspect you’ve all heard by now about the rule change in MLS regarding Designated Players. Here is the transcript of the press conference in which the changes were outlined in detail by Todd Durbin of MLS. One thing that emerges from this is the heightened importance of one of the leagues more arcane intricacies, allocation money. From the MLS website(the old one, I didn’t even bother trying to find this info on the new site) … A club receives allocation money for (1) poor performance during the preceding MLS regular season; (2) the transfer of a player to a ... Read more

MLS Salary and DP Rules Can be Circumvented (UPDATED)

Yesterday Ives Galarcep reported that New England, a notoriously tight fisted club when it comes to finances may be ready to use their Designated Player spot. But it appears Kansas City may be first to use their DP slot. Keep in mind Kansas City also has a large sum of allocation money sitting thanks to the sale of Eddie Johnson to Fulham, so it is possible that Kansas City can enhance their squad with quality internationals and not use their DP, if I understand the rule regarding allocation money correctly. New England is potentially in the same position after receiving ... Read more