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CONCACAF Axes The Hex for 2014 World Cup Qualifying

Every World Cup cycle we are always ready for our US Men’s National Team to improve with new players and challenge the best or what is considered the best teams within the Confederation of CONCACAF. That also includes the trip to Estadio Azteca and of course our rivals coming to the freezer at Columbus Crew Stadium during the final round of qualifying of every World Cup. Well unfortunately things are going to change for this coming qualifying cycle and that means one thing. The border war derby has been scratched. From Ives Galarcep I just found out about the new ... Read more

CONCACAF Hexagonal Best XI and Other Thoughts

The United States won the Hexagonal with twenty points, while Mexico gave the best accounting in the second half of the competition, gaining 13 points out of a possible 15 after August. Honduras qualifies for the first time since 1982 (When the World Cup was a 24 team competition), and Costa Rica can feel hard done with 16 points yet being forced into a playoff with Uruguay. Last cycle, Costa Rica qualified directly for the World Cup with fewer points. Elsewhere in CONCACAF, the decision of both Trinidad and Jamaica to hire two ex-players as Managers turns an important page ... Read more

Random Thoughts on the US Win

Some random thoughts on the US win and the upcoming game against Costa Rica The Greatest US Win I Have Never Seen.    A lot has already been said about how absurd it was that this game was not broadcast to the average US fan, so there is no reason to continue to beat this dead horse.  Beyond the television rights, Grant Wahl’s twitter on the game failed to tweet, the twitter was intermittent at best and their Match Tracker did not work at all (at least for me), so switching between the New York Times Goal! update and ... Read more

Want To Grow Soccer In The US: It Takes Honest Criticism Not A Pollyanna Approach

Labor Day has come and gone, the sun is setting earlier, and, even here in Houston, the air contains a slight fall crispness. Yes, the Summer of Soccer is over, and what an interesting summer it has been. Back on Father’s Day, like a Phoenix, the US National Team rose from the ashes of its first two group stage matches in the Confederations Cup to advance to the semifinals where it shocked the football world by easily beating Spain, which was ranked by FIFA as the top national team at the time. It was this victory over Spain that grabbed ... Read more

Kenton Sacked: Maybe Bradley Isn’t So Bad After All? (UPDATED CONTENT)

One of the interesting features of CONCACAF is how quickly some of the national teams go through coaches. Bob Bradley is the longest tenured coach of a major nation in the region while the US’ opponents continue to react or dare I say over react to every result. Costa Rica has sacked Rodrigo Kenton just days after a loss to El Salvador. The Ticos are in bad shape in qualifying, no doubt but Kenton’s replacement will be the third manager the nation has employed during qualifying. Some of Kenton’s recent moves to shake up the squad were confusing and in ... Read more

The Battle for CONCACAF: Work Left For The US To Do

With two relatively straight forward fixtures this week, the United States National Team is almost guaranteed to be leading the Hexagonal after this international break. But this will guarantee nothing, as the one time magic 15 point mark for World Cup qualification from CONCACAF is almost sure to be exceeded by four nations this cycle. Here is how the Hex is likely to stack up after this upcoming week’s fixtures: USA             16 Costa Rica   15 Honduras      13 Mexico          12 (home teams all win with the exception of US vs T&T) It is possible though the Hex could also look like ... Read more

Mexico 2: USA 1: Americans Fail to Shake Azteca Curse

Javier Aguirre took a chance on Miguel Sabah. Former Coaches Sven Goran Eriksson, Ricardo LaVolpe and Hugo Sanchez all hardly rated him – it paid off big time today with a game winning goal. Sabah, who struggled at Guadalajara as a youngster had never been capped for Mexico at any level until he was 28. An amazing story, indeed: from Chivas washout to national hero. Charlie Davies’ early goal gave the US an un-expected lead, but after that the American shape collapsed and defending was at times shambolic. Yet, Mexico left it late but did get the result they needed. ... Read more

CONCACAF Qualifying: Another Look

It’s become fashionable to assume Mexico is in jeopardy of missing the World Cup. But are they really?  The United States also still runs the risk of slipping to the 4th position in qualifying. The truth is when you objectively analyze qualifying very little separates the top four sides. Each of the top four nations have taken every possible point at home and each has taken zero points against the other top 4 nations on the road. The only road points gained have been the US at El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica at the aging and woeful Trinidad and ... Read more