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New York Cosmos face Atlanta Silverbacks in NASL top of the table weekend clash

While Real Madrid and Schalke legend Raul’s signing with the New York Cosmos has grabbed the headlines early in the NASL season, the league boasts another undefeated team down in Atlanta. The league-owned Silverbacks managed by former Stevenage and Colorado Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith have assembled an excellent squad on a tight-budget. On Saturday night in Atlanta, the Silverbacks will play host to the New York Cosmos (live on at 7:30pm) in a match that will determine who leads the NASL’s spring standings after four weeks. The game is a rematch of the Soccer Bowl in 2013 that was ... Read more

NASL Have Made a Shrewd Move to Keep Atlanta in The League

With a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise announced to begin play in 2017 and an ownership group looking to leave, many felt that now would have been the perfect time for the North American Soccer League (NASL) to move out of way and let MLS take center stage in Atlanta. Instead, the NASL has elected to run the Atlanta Silverbacks FC club themselves in 2015 while seeking out new ownership. This decision marks an escalation in the competition between the two leagues and I think we will all be better off for it. Yes, it sounds nice in theory to ... Read more

Atlanta Eliminates Head Coach Position, Eric Wynalda to Manage As Technical Director

The Atlanta Silverbacks of the second-tier NASL have innovated in a way many thought not possible. They have opted not to hire a Head Coach to replace the terminated Brian Haynes who had been named 2012 NASL Coach of the Year. Instead they are allowing Technical Director Eric Wynalda to continue his work at FOX Sports in Los Angeles while more or less managing the team remotely. Prior to World Soccer Talk, I was the NASL Communications Director of the league when the original arrangement was made naming Wynalda first as Interim Head Coach, the Team Advisor and then Technical ... Read more

Eric Wynalda to be Named Atlanta Silverbacks Interim Head Coach For Second Time

Former Atlanta Silverbacks head coach Brian Haynes won the NASL Spring Championship and the league’s Coach of the Year Award. His reward was being sacking by Silverbacks management. Tomorrow, the club will name the club’s Technical Director Eric Wynalda as the Interim Head Coach for the second time, World Soccer Talk has learned. The FOX Soccer analyst will continue in his role with the network during his stint as manager. Wynalda and Haynes, as a partnership, did a remarkable job identifying and attracting talent that took the club from the bottom of the NASL table in July 2012 to Spring ... Read more

MLS Edges Closer to Awarding Atlanta a Franchise, But Silverbacks Are Not Being Considered: Monday Soccer Insider

On Saturday, Atlanta will be the locale for the NASL Soccer Bowl, the title game of North America’s second division. The Atlanta Silverbacks will play host to the New York Cosmos at Atlanta Silverbacks Park.  The Silverbacks have developed a strong side thanks largely to US Soccer legend Eric Wynalda, the club’s technical director. And attendance has been impressive. But what I am hearing from multiple sources is that Major League Soccer is getting closer and closer to naming an Atlanta team, and all indications are it will not be the Silverbacks. Despite the success the club has achieved, they ... Read more

Does the NASL Have a New York Cosmos Problem?

The return of the New York Cosmos has been met with fanfare throughout much of the country. The revival of the 1970s superclub brought more attention and eyeballs on North America’s Second Division than any time since the exodus of top second division clubs to MLS began with Seattle’s 2009 move. When the Cosmos return was announced by the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 2012, it was indicated that the club would play the entire 2012 season. But a month later the NASL announced a split-season format and then a few months after that the Cosmos dropped out of ... Read more

Monday Soccer Insider with Kartik Krishnaiyer

Jose Mourinho is figuring it out, showing his tactical flexibility and his willingness to admit mistakes with his squad selection. Chelsea’s side now looks more pragmatic yet able to play on the break. With a remarkable amount of depth and versatility, Mourinho has the luxury of rotating his side and allowing players to pop up in different areas of the pitch. It is already working well and Chelsea look like a real title contender. Newcastle United is the Premier League’s least predictable side. Performances vary from game to game, and what we have repeatedly seen is that when the chips ... Read more

Alexi Lalas Critique of US Based Fans Ignores Local Game Outside MLS

In March, Alexi Lalas loudly proclaimed that to be a true soccer fan in the United States, you must watch and support Major League Soccer. “Think globally act locally,” Lalas proclaimed. While the sentiment is nice, the promotion of Major League Soccer by many pundits in the United States tend to forget that the majority of professional teams in the United States are not in MLS, the nation’s top flight league, but in lower divisions that receive little or no promotion from the likes of Lalas. It is these teams, many of which are in larger metropolitan areas than most ... Read more