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Top 5 Lowlights of American Soccer in 2009

Plastic Carpet 2010 is upon us, which means that it’s the time of year when we journalists, pundits, analysts, and/or columnists take stock of the year that has passed and provide you with our lists of the past years highlights and lowlights. So, to start things of for me, here is my take on the lowlights of the year that was in American soccer, in no particular order: The Continued Presence of Plastic Pitches: Nothing irks me more than watching a professional sport that is being played on a plastic pitch or field. Astroturf, Field Turf, or whatever other product ... Read more

Miami Bounces Back: But Turf Stands in the Way

Following the Confederations Cup final, we had a long discussion about South Florida as a market for football. While the TV ratings in English were higher in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market than any other in the country (with the nearby West Palm Beach market also ranking near the top of the ratings), the area is the largest metropolitan area in the country without an MLS team and one of only two markets to have seen an MLS team previously fail. Additionally, current USL-1 side Miami FC struggles for a gate that would even be respectable on the USL-2 level. The ... Read more