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MLS ’13: Our Predictions

Tomorrow hatches the 2013 campaign for the 19 teams in Major League Soccer. When we began our series of previews a couple of weeks ago, I had asked a number of contributors to the site and podcast to give me their predictions for the season. Our Predictions Please feel free to share your predictions for the upcoming season below. Get ready, here comes MLS 2013!      

MLS ’13 – The Designated Player Rule: How Is It Working?

Finances are always a hot button in any sport, and American soccer is no different. With a sometimes controversial system that is quite unique in an international world of football, Major League Soccer continues to do business with a salary cap that helps to keep teams from getting caught in a spiral of overspending. Previous attempts at soccer leagues in America ran into financial pitfalls, and so the league built itself upon a certain amount of austerity. Even with the guarded spending MLS had its own share of dire financial straits a few years into its existence, forcing the league to pull ... Read more

MLS ’13: The Unbalanced Schedule: A Year In

As most of us know the new Major League Soccer Schedule announcement is always an exciting day for an MLS supporter. When to plan road trips, those big rivalry games against those sides that you want to beat so badly and so on. But for the second season in a row the uneven Schedule has returned. Once again, the main question has always popped up, who or which conference has the advantage when it comes to this type of scheduling. Well right off the bat I would say it’s the East and here is my reason why. Most of the ... Read more

MLS ’13: Is Generation Adidas Working?

When Robert Hay and I were tossing around the idea of a Season Preview series, the team-by-team thing seemed a little tedious. I asked him to start throwing out some general ideas, and I tossed in a few of my own. This was one of them, and I’m not sure this is an easy one to answer. The Generation adidas program morphed from the old Project-40 program, and according to a press release from 2006: Generation adidas, which was established ahead of the 2005 MLS season, is Major League Soccer’s youth player development program designed to identify and nurture the ... Read more

MLS ’13: The Centennial Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

As we prepare for the next league season in US Club Soccer, whether it be in Major League Soccer, the North American Soccer League, United Soccer Leagues Pro Division, PDL, NPSL, USASA or what have you. There is another competition that we can’t wait for, and it’s rounding into a special age that all of us are anticipating. Since the first US Open Cup tournament in 1914 – won by the Brooklyn Field Club – 2013’s version will officially be tagged as the 100th Edition. The tournament was dedicated to Lamar Hunt in 1999, a great man who has helped the ... Read more

MLS ’13: Will The Beckham Departure Hurt MLS?

In 2007, David Beckham was tasked with putting Major League Soccer on the map of the world’s game, and though he may have regretted making that move at times, he succeeded. Beckham did not, however, do it alone and many soccer fans in Seattle, Toronto, Portland and Vancouver will disagree – at least partially – that MLS has surged solely because of the Englishman. Since the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player joined the LA Galaxy, MLS has seen an exceptional amount of growth. In 2006, the year before Golden Balls signed his lucrative deal, the league consisted of ... Read more

MLS ’13 Extra – NASL Preview

While we tend to focus on Major League Soccer and the National Team on this blog, we also like to pay tribute to the other competitions that are staged in this country and our neighbors to the north, Canada. In that spirit we preview the North American Soccer League. The NASL, after two solid seasons of rebirth as the USSF’s 2nd tier, enters a new chapter in their progression as they have changed their scheduling structure for the 2013 season. This idea for split seasons has been adopted from leagues that start in Mexico and go all the way south ... Read more

MLS ’13 – A Pivotal Year For Landon Donovan

When we’re starting to take down those 2013 calendars in order to prepare for 2014, one would imagine that the landscape for the US Men’s National Team and Major League Soccer could be quite different than it is right now. We’ve been waiting to hear what America’s most heralded player, Landon Donovan, was going to do in 2013. That news finally came across the wire on Sunday, as it appears Donovan will soon make his return to the playing field. He will be rejoining the Los Angeles Galaxy to train towards the end of March, a development that will no ... Read more