Beat The Manager is an exciting new prediction game where you’re tasked with trying to outsmart the manager of your favorite Premier League team.

With your knowledge of your favorite team, you — not the manager — get to predict who you think would be best starting eleven and substitutes. You also get to predict the final score, and who you think your manager will pick in his side for the upcoming Premier League match.

And best of all, you get several chances to win an Apple iPad throughout the season if you’re on top of the leaderboard.

Playing Beat The Manager is free, simple and fun. Here’s how to play:

First, be sure to register as a player. It takes just one minute. You only need to do it one time.


Click the Play the Game link and play each week during the 2012-13 Premier League season.



  • You have to be registered as a player to be eligible for your chance to win an iPad,
  • The deadline to submit your weekly entry for each Gameweek is every Saturday at 6:30am ET/11:30am BST; deadlines for mid-week games are 75 minutes before kick-off,
  • Only one entry per person per week,
  • Pick one club per season; Switching teams will rule you ineligible.

To play Beat The Manager each week, visit

Read the complete rules for more details.