Author: Thariq Amir

The whirlwind adventures of the NASL’s Dallas Tornado: Memories with footballer Jan Book

July usually sees major soccer clubs the world over take flight to embark on their respective summer tours. Generally, these are exercises in connecting with the global fan base, maintaining and raising profiles and of course getting some match practice in preparation for the new season. It’s safe to say that none of these clubs could even begin to imagine let alone experience the amazing world tour that the Dallas Tornado undertook in 1967. It was a journey that spanned five continents taking the team to 25 countries and saw them play 48-matches. The Tornado players narrowly avoided an air ... Read more

Dennis Viollet – An American legacy: An interview with Rachel Viollet

The mere mention of Dennis Viollet conjures up images of a clinical striker scoring goals for Sir Matt Busby’s Manchester United. The name of the Busby Babe is permanently etched in the Old Trafford club’s history books being the first player to score in European competition for United as well as holding the record for the most number of league goals in a single campaign, 32 in the 1959-60 season. It is a tally that has yet to be bettered. He was the man Sir Matt Busby turned to and made captain of Manchester United after the Munich air disaster ... Read more

‘Dennis Viollet – A United Man’ Asia Pacific premiere: An interview with Jeremy Blain

A young boy was sitting on his own after a particularly disappointing soccer training session. Looking down at his boots, he felt physically sick believing he had let his coach down. The coach noticed this lonely figure, made his way over and put his arm around the forlorn player seemingly attuned to the pain that was filling the youngster but didn’t say anything at first allowing the moment to speak for itself. Finally, he spoke sagely to the boy: “If you want to achieve your dream, you have to be prepared to chase it.” The coach paused to let the ... Read more

Interview with FIFpro’s Chief Medical Officer on topic of mental health in soccer

Mental health is an issue that soccer has an uneasy relationship with. Despite all the advancements in the game from physical conditioning, boot design and treatment of injuries the topic of mental health still draws uncomfortable breaths from players and coaches alike. Mental health is still an area that is considered taboo in football circles although there are ongoing efforts to lift the stigma attached it. World Soccer Talk discussed the topic of soccer and mental health with Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge, Chief Medical Officer of the World Players’ Union FIFpro. Here are his thoughts: World Soccer Talk: You played professional ... Read more

Louis van Gaal is the manager Belgium needs to lead the national team

Louis van Gaal’s tenure at Old Trafford ended with a trophy, the FA Cup no less, but you’d be hard pressed to find a Manchester United fan labeling the Dutchman’s two seasons at the club a success. Sandwiched in between the dreaded ‘P’s ‘philosophy’ and ‘process’ was a serving of sterile, unambitious football that found no favor with the United faithful. Factor in an expensive squad restructure, €190.77m net spend over Van Gaal’s reign, that produced precious little and it’s easy to see why the Iron Tulip’s time was cut short. One can only speculate whether United would have honored ... Read more

Questions for Recre Supporters Trust on saving Spain’s oldest football club

Spanish club Recreativo de Huelva is in a race against time to avoid extinction. Recre requires 2 million euros by June 30 in order to survive. Here’s our interview with a member of the Recreativo de Huelva’s Supporters Trust: Can you let me know me your role/title in the efforts to save Recreativo de Huelva? Narciso Rojas – I am, Narciso Rojas, member of the Recreativo Supporters Trust. I am member of the Trust´s board. For fans who may not be too aware of Recre’s history can you give us a brief account? NR – It was founded in 1889 ... Read more

Recreativo de Huelva face a race against time to avoid extinction

The eyes of the soccer world, quite rightly, are tuned to a pair of rather big international tournaments, Euro 2016 and Copa Centenario. However by the time both competitions end, Spain could see it’s oldest club disappear from existence. Recreativo de Huelva requires 2 million euros by June 30 in order to survive. It was only 10 years ago when El Decano humbled the Galacticos of Real Madrid at the Bernabéu. The Andalusian team walked away with a famous 3-0 win against a Real side containing Ronaldo, Fabio Cannavaro, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Raúl and David Beckham. It was a fitting ... Read more

A return to Celtic may be David Moyes’ next best path in management

“I’m going to wait until the summer time and make a decision in the summer time,” David Moyes recently told Sky Sports. The former Preston North End, Everton, Manchester United and Real Sociedad manager was addressing the issue of the impending opening at Celtic. Moyes noted that there are a lot of teams that will “interest” him. Come the end of the season, he could have his pick of Aston Villa, Celtic and his old club Everton. After his stints at Manchester United and Real Sociedad ended in less than glorious circumstances, it’s only natural that Moyes studies any potential ... Read more