Author: Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a Dallas-based freelance writer who started covering soccer and the World Cup as a cubbie reporter in 1994 and hasn't stopped writing about the game since.

More MLS managers under pressure as 2016 gets started

Every MLS team is into preseason camp now, hustling and bustling inside of domes to avoid the snowfall outside, or passing and trapping away in happier, sunnier climes. But it’s not so sunny for all the managers in charge; a bevy of bosses start the year in the weeds, under serious pressure as the league’s 21st season commences. In a way this makes perfect sense; there are more teams in MLS these days, so more managers feeling the crush is no surprise. Don’t forget, MLS was much smaller potatoes just 10 short years ago, with only 12 clubs operating. So ... Read more

Jordan Morris will face more pressure in Seattle than at Werder Bremen

Jordan Morris, a.k.a. the newest chase rabbit in American soccer’s perpetual “next big thing” pursuit, has already established himself as a unique figure in the domestic game. He was a college kid who stamped a mark on the national team; Morris had another collegiate season at Stanford in him when he debuted (and scored!) at full international level against Mexico last spring in Texas. Some of the booming voices in American soccer have pointed out Morris’ incredible position of leverage in the shark tank of current, professional negotiations. Here is what ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman just told Extra Time Radio: ... Read more

2016’s 10 most intriguing names in US soccer

There are notable figures you may hear more about in 2016, but will they provide us with sufficient stacks of intrigue? In other words, are they supplying plot? Are there impending twists in their tale? We’ve picked out our 10 most intriguing men and women in US Soccer this year. (We left Jurgen Klinsmann off the list because the national team manager is intriguing by default; nothing new about 2016. Besides, he’s more “controversial” than “intriguing.” If we scratch out a “10 Most Controversial” list for the year, yeah, that man will be Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4.) They ... Read more

Word to the soccer wise: Never overreact to the US’s January camp roster

When it comes to assessing and dissecting the U.S. national team’s January camp rosters, here is this most important thing to remember: You really should conquer any urge to overreact. Generally speaking, what happens in the January camp has only marginal bearing on what happens through the rest of the year, also known as the time “things get real,” or something like that. January camp has always been about experimentation and exploration, so getting too upset about things happening on the StubHub Center training fields and at those two winter friendlies is just wasted energy. Remember how much breath we ... Read more

When will the first superstar manager arrive in MLS?

High mountains have been conquered in luring biggie-big names into Major League Soccer. David Beckham was foremost, of course, but Andrea Pirlo, Didier Drogba, Kaka and quite a few others aren’t exactly $1.50 hamburger, either. But we live in a day when players aren’t the only superstars of the global game; a few managers have arrived into this exalted place, this lighted stage of tactical enlightenment and leadership savvy. It’s a relatively short list, depending on where you draw your line. Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Rafa Benitez, Jose Mourinho are the latest “daily specials,” so to speak. From there, depending ... Read more

Ashley Cole links are the perfect addition to the LA Galaxy’s nonsensical offseason

Reports from afar that Ashley Cole is close to signing with the LA Galaxy would once have been dismissed as more Euro-generated garbage littering the outer edges of silly season. After all, the Galaxy once graded out at “pretty doggone reliable” on player moves. But more and more, we seem to be asking: Remember when the LA Galaxy made good personnel choices? Nothing is certain on this, but none other than Galaxy manager Bruce Arena himself has offered a tepid confirmation on reports of the 35-year-old former England international signing up for MLS duty. Ooof! …. Ashley Cole? Whose idea ... Read more

Skip the Abby Wambach backlash and focus on US Soccer’s identity problem

Our country’s soccer fans and pundits have been arguing about so-called passport players since before we knew what a pundit was. It’s been a talker since the days of Thomas Dooley and Earnie Stewart, the top US performers among the foreign-born set at a highly meaningful World Cup 1994. But old argument doesn’t mean bad or unnecessary argument. In fact, this quarrel needs a fresh going-over every now and then, especially given the ongoing evolution, the steady bulking up of the US game. Abby Wambach may have been an unlikely figure to spin this wheel, but spin she did last ... Read more

Sunil Gulati had a bad 2015; 2016 needs to be better

Is there anyone in the US soccer establishment more ready for 2015 to be over than federation president Sunil Gulati? Well, check that … in this glorious year of FIFA comeuppance, perhaps we should say it this way: “Is there anyone associated with US soccer not headed to jail who is more ready for 2015 to over and done with already?” The point is, it’s been a pretty rough year for one of US Soccer’s most influential figures, punctuated by this latest bungle, this PR tire fire in Hawaii, a mess completely of US Soccer’s creation. Yep. It’s been one ... Read more