Author: Spenser Davis

Spenser Davis is a freelance writer based in Seattle. He can be found at or on Twitter @sjd_lfc

Progress report for Liverpool’s first four games of the Premier League season

We’re four games into the English Premier League season, and even though it’s not an effective barometer for eventual league success, some clubs will be happier with their performance than others. While teams like Chelsea will be disappointed with their start in the context of the millions upon millions they spent this summer, clubs like Leicester City have exceeded expectations thus far. For Liverpool Football Club it’s been a fairly mixed bag, siding ever so slightly towards the positive. They dominated Stoke City in their opening day matchup, but their only real chance came from the match’s lone goal – ... Read more

The £100 million XI: Who would you buy?

It’s about the time of year where “experts” at every publication imaginable start to give their tips for fantasy soccer, be it Premier League, MLS, or any number of leagues possible. The trouble is, every site has different valuations for players as well as different systems and rules for their leagues. Instead of digging deep into the minutiae of a specific fantasy league system, I’m going to look at the closest thing to real world valuations for the English Premier League, and take a stab at what I think the best team that £100 million could buy. I was inspired ... Read more

Grading Liverpool’s current squad by position

As Liverpool have wrapped up the majority of their summer spending after the £32.5 million acquisition of Christian Benteke, it’s probably a good time to evaluate where the squad stands going into the new Premier League season. Since much of Liverpool’s success will rely on how the new signings fit in with the existing squad, as well as Brendan Rodgers’ ability to find the best formation and tactics to get the most out of players both new and old. So new signings will be judged on their form last season, and any squad cohesion will be speculation. Nate over at ... Read more

If Raheem Sterling leaves it won’t affect Liverpool significantly

At this point in the transfer window, nothing is certain and every rumor and “insider” tidbit should be taken with quite a few grains of salt. But if there’s anything I’ve learned through eight years of following Liverpool, it’s that some rumors have an inevitable air to them. With every big transfer to (and from) the club, the rumors start small and take time. Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, two of the club’s biggest signings of the past decade, were always destined to leave. When Torres was rumored to leave, I was in denial until the last possible second. During ... Read more

USA vs. Germany player ratings

After a number of relatively unconvincing performances in the group stage and round of 16, the United States pushed their way to Vancouver with a valiant statement of a performance against number one-ranked Germany. Goals from Carli Lloyd and Kelley O’Hara and a missed penalty from Germany’s Celia Sasic highlighted this action-packed match from Montreal. USA Hope Solo (GK) — 8/10 Reliable as ever, Solo had little to truly deal with in this match (Germany recorded 0 shots on goal), but rose to the occasion when trouble came her way. Her vast experience showed during Sasic’s missed penalty—Solo’s mind games ... Read more

Analyzing Liverpool’s faltering campaign and whether there will be a happy ending

With soccer, as with any sport, the memories of the highs often supersede those of the lows. Liverpool supporters remember the miracle of Istanbul vividly, but they block out the memory of the Roy Hodgson era with nearly as much energy. Liverpool’s 2014-15 season has been exactly that, a story filled with great highs and devastating lows. It’s no secret that the loss of Luis Suarez hit the club hard, and the players brought in by Brendan Rodgers to replace the prolific Uruguayan have been nothing short of disastrous. Fans were assured by Rodgers that the money from Suarez’s sale ... Read more

MLS to Adopt New Technology to Curb Concussions in Soccer

A mild traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as a concussion, is most commonly defined as a head injury that results in temporary loss of brain function. Concussions have been quite visible in the press over the last decade, after a number of former American football players have come forward to reveal that they had sustained extensive brain damage after suffering numerous undiagnosed concussions. But soccer has a big concussion problem too, especially for youth players whose brains haven’t fully developed. The current way to deal with concussions is often simple and succinct rather than a full examination, and players ... Read more

Analyzing What Fans Can Expect From Tottenham Hotspur’s DeAndre Yedlin

It finally happened. DeAndre Yedlin, star right-back for his hometown Seattle Sounders, has finally made his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur permanent. The deal was sealed much earlier in the season, after the soccer world was abuzz with his USMNT World Cup performance and standout appearances for the Sounders. For a number of reasons, his development being one of them, Tottenham allowed Yedlin to stay with the Sounders until the end of the MLS season. The 21-year-old was instrumental in leading the Sounders to two trophies this past season, the Lamar Hunt Open Cup and the MLS Supporters’ Shield, as well ... Read more