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Jurgen Klopp

/ 6 days ago

The rogue and rapid downturn of Liverpool this season

In the midst of the 2015/16 season, Liverpool sacked manager Brendan Rodgers after a downturn following a title charge just two seasons prior. In stepped Jürgen Klopp, a boisterous manager from Borussia Dortmund. Since that signing, Liverpool have gone from the team that once was, back to one of Europe’s top-level teams. Premier League and […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 73 days ago

Is the Manchester United paradox of struggle finally ending?

The past 10 years have been a massive struggle for Manchester United players and fans alike. As the cliché says, all empires must eventually fall. And where once it was the empires of Rome and the Ottomans that crumbled, so too the empire of sustained success and utter European dominance Manchester United built under the […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 103 days ago

The evolution of the fullback in modern soccer

The role of the modern fullback, or an outside defender, revolutionized soccer and how teams play. When fans and pundits alike discuss positions on a soccer team, some garner more comments than others. Strikers, wingers and occasionally midfielders get praise for goals. Goalkeepers are heroes with good performances or the enemies when they make mistakes. […]

World Cup

/ 164 days ago

World Cup 2022 has remarkable sense of parity

The modern era of supremacy is at risk of changing due to the parity rife at World Cup 2022. Over the last twelve years, European powerhouses slowly established domination on the international stage. Of the last five World Cup finals played, eight out of 10 finalists were European teams. The other two are South American, […]