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/ 3361 days ago

Day 21 – Jogi Love (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Brazil crash out of the World Cup as Germany march on victorious. A lot of retrospective-adjustments made to people’s predictions in the tournament this evening. What does the pod think? They take you through the day’s game and Netherlands – Argentina. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Nipun: @NipunChopra7 Richard: @richardfarley […]
/ 3363 days ago

Day 20 – Semi-done (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

So the four favourites shape up and posture in the penultimate stage of the competition. To get there they had to labour over a tough quarter final in a tournament where 0-0 isn’t such a bad scoreline. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Nipun: @NipunChopra7 Richard: @richardfarley Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: […]
/ 3364 days ago

Day 19 – Fav Team (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Brazil rush through as Columbia put up a sound opposition, but with Germany also gong through with a solid performance how will the Brazilians do against a tournament side who are believed to be peaking? The pod also take a look ahead to today’s games. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: […]
/ 3368 days ago

Day 17 – EU v AF (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Clash of the titanic continents, maybe not so much for the teams…as France took on Nigeria and Germany played Algeria the World went back to hysteria as some grew wearier of the lucky criteria which see teams progress to the next round. Make sense? No, of course it doesn't: especially not for Nigeria and Algeria, […]
/ 3370 days ago

Day 15 – Match-Missed (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

The knockout rounds are so exciting during the World Cup, the football almost changes completely during that rest day. Tempo, shift, all sorts of new ideas and tactics come into play. So what has changed for Brazil? Can Columbia continue to dominate this tournament? Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Richard: […]
/ 3380 days ago

Park Life Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)

Two men sit in a park and talk about football. Today the subject is England. Around that they brush upon Italy, Uruguay and a few other World Cup subjects. Come on into the park! If you can fit this in before the Uruguay v England game then give it a listen. Park, let’s talk soccer: […]
/ 3384 days ago

Day 4 – Buck The Trend (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Here we go. Now Messi has shown his face at the World Cup we can all relax, he scored and then nothing else happened. Or did it? To look at the world outside of Messi at the World Cup the pod sit around the warmth of a riot fire and relax with some soothing French […]