Author: Harry Cee

Football Manager Touch 17 review

It’s a testament to how sports gamers will continue to flock to games such as FIFA, Madden and PES every year even though there rarely is enough of an excuse to justify a full price purchase. Most of us love to see the new bells and whistles, no matter how minute. As November came around, I knew that Football Manager in all of its iterations was coming soon and I would lose yet another weekend playing the touch version for the iPad. Sports Interactive didn’t release a lot of information (as they are apt to do) for the iPad version but I was hoping ... Read more

FIFA 17’s ‘The Journey’ is an adventure worth taking

FIFA video game fans, your wait is almost over. On September 27, gamers will be able to pick up FIFA 17 and begin their mini game featuring The Journey with Alex Hunter. While this mode was hyped a lot, gamers really want to know if it will be worth it. And, so far, my answer is mostly yes. About the new graphics engine Before I get into The Journey, let’s highlight some of the overall visual improvements of the game. Recently, I reviewed the FIFA 17 demo and told you how some of the improvements are really starting to help the ... Read more

Review of FIFA 17 Demo: Rating the gameplay, graphics and The Journey

On September 27 in North America (and September 29 for the rest of the world), we will get to see one of the biggest FIFA editions ever, so many gamers no doubt are wondering how it stacks up. If you are eager to get a taste of The Journey, Alex Hunter’s story in FIFA 17, download the demo now. More on that in a moment, let’s talk about the overall game first. Presentation and graphics Based on what we can see in the FIFA 17 demo, the presentation has slightly improved over past iterations. The new Frostbite engine has done a lot ... Read more

Best 2016/17 Premier League jerseys, ranked

With the new season comes plenty of rituals — getting your Fantasy Premier League team ready, making predictions about the upcoming season, and looking through the new jerseys that have been released for each club. Some of what we have seen really stand out, many are middle of the road efforts but very few kits — thankfully — are just plain ugly. Also of note is that Nike is only providing kits for one team in the Premier League this season. Wait until you find out who it is. Here are the Premier League jerseys for the 2016/17 season, ranked from ... Read more

FIFA 17 will debut Story Mode, managers and other new features

This week, EA Sports held a conference at the annual E3 to announce what gamers can expect this fall in FIFA 17. Let’s take a look at what was announced and how it may stack up against previous versions. FIFA 17 will be running under the Frostbite engine EA’s proprietary graphics engine, which powers many games including Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefield 1 will now power the FIFA series. Hopefully this means we will see better player representation and better stadium renderings as well as more realistic dynamic lighting because playing a game set at 5:30pm doesn’t mean that the lighting looks ... Read more

Pros and cons to Man United hiring Mourinho

Over the last five days, we’ve kicked around the idea of Manchester United hiring Jose Mourinho. While some United supporters may have initially laughed or scoffed at the idea, this weekend’s loss to Norwich City may give the Old Trafford board a kick in the pants. Now more than ever, United have reason to part ways with Louis van Gaal and fix the rudderless ship. Now more than ever, Manchester United may be willing to consider Mourinho. Let’s take a look at why appointing The Special One would (or would not) be a good idea (we’ll get to the cons ... Read more

Review of Football Manager Touch 2016, a streamlined, faster-paced FM experience

Sega surprised many soccer fans by releasing a Football Manager Classic game near the end of last season and giving many mobile managers a much better on-the-go experience. Football Manager Classic 15 was very close to the same experience that you get on the PC but not without its flaws. The biggest one being is that because this was the first version out of the gate, a lot of the touch responses did not work and weird bugs caused the game to crash at times. In Football Manager Touch 2016 (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS), while many of the touch responses have been fixed, ... Read more

An American shares his thoughts about his first 5 years of being a soccer fan

It seems I picked the right time to become a soccer fan. All it took was one overseas trip and a random Argentina kit to put me on this path. In the five years I have been following soccer, I have seen many ups and downs in the sport. And regardless of what I have experienced, I still sometimes ask myself, “Where has this sport been all of my life?” Regardless of how much I missed before I became a soccer fan, I feel the sport came along at the right point in my life. On supporting my favorite teams One of the ... Read more