Author: Earl Reed

Sepp Blatter reneging on resignation shows his power

If you went out in the streets and fired off guns in the air on the day Sepp Blatter resigned as FIFA President, you were obviously premature in your celebration. Or mistaken. Or maybe both. You see, Uncle Sepp has become that senile man we all love to invite over for Christmas dinner, allow to unwrap his latest tie, but then return him to the senior-care facility that his 79-year old, dementia-ridden mind needs to survive. Either that, or he’s a megalomanical, power-thirsty tyrant of a rich man who rules without true oversight. Or maybe both. His fiefdom is one ... Read more

Clint Dempsey should get 3-month ban after ripping up ref’s notebook

So Tuesday night in their US Open Cup match against Portland, the Seattle Sounders were probably hard-done by a series of bad calls by a relatively inexperienced official. And certainly this tournament means a lot to the Sounders. Add the burn of losing to their Cascadian rival, and it was a pepper pot ready to boil over. Then Clint Dempsey lost it. Playing down two men (one by a sending off, the other via injury after exhausting their 3 subs), referee Daniel Radford had the gall to give Michael Azira his own trip to the showers. That was the end of ... Read more

US Women’s team is on an ‘Abby Wambach or bust’ ride in World Cup

I’m a Rochesterian at heart. I went to college there, had family that retired from Eastman Kodak, loved Nick Tahou’s, and of course, treasure Abby Wambach. Having said that it’s pretty clear that the best forward this generation has known is taking the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) on her shoulders, for better or for worse. When you watch this USWNT, you get the impression that the talent level is so much greater than they’ve shown in the group stages of the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Whether it’s the shoehorning of players into unfitting tactical roles, or an uninspiring 1st ... Read more

Enjoying 2015’s frenetic but marvelous Summer of Soccer

Good gracious, I feel like I’m somewhere between Cloud 9 and the Nuthouse. And that’s a good thing. June is typically a wacky, wonderful month for the soccer fan. Being a year removed from Brazil 2014, it can leave you with a false sense of calm, as if you might be able to have a quiet month away from the soccer tube. But then you flip on the opening match of the Women’s World Cup, and all of the sudden you’re addicted. Of course, the Women’s World Cup is always a plus for an American like myself since it’s a ... Read more

‘World Cup Syndrome’ hits host nation Canada in Women’s World Cup

Last year, Brazil seemed listless at times against Croatia and drew Mexico on home soil. This year, the Canadian Women’s National Team has the same 4 points, albeit in even less convincing fashion. Granted, the Canadians aren’t the heavy favorites the Selecao were going into the men’s tourney last year, but there were definitely those who felt that the home crowds would instigate Christine Sinclair & Co. into a showing that could go toe-to-toe with the best. Instead, recent years have seen home teams riddled with tightness, perhaps the inability to overcome the immense expectations. In Germany in 2011 or ... Read more

New MLS TV deal hasn’t lived up to its billing yet

We’re two months into the 2015 Major League Soccer season, and it’s tough to say that the league’s new TV deal has done much to live up to the billing. Last year brought a lot of excitement as MLS locked down time slots on Sunday’s at 5pm and 7pm with ESPN and FOX, respectively. Additionally, Univision Deportes committed to Friday night matches every week, even going so far as to provide English language commentary on the SAP feed. The steady diet of domestic soccer was supposed to provide stability and a destination for viewers to frequent every weekend. And it ... Read more

Philadelphia finding you don’t need to buy good goalkeeping

If I had written a story about the Philadelphia Union a week ago, I might have rightly considered them the worst team in Major League Soccer. However, a victory and a draw over New York City F.C. has at least bandaged some wounds. But a team in 2014 that had a playoff position in their grasp still has some major questions. The strange thing is, the squad based in Chester, PA could actually have the talent to compete for MLS Cup, at least by my estimation. Depth is certainly an issue, but there are some excellent players in Philly’s squad. ... Read more

Review of MLS Live: It isn’t ESPN3 but it’s good enough

Just when you thought it was going away, MLS Live is back. And while it could be better, the internet streaming package offered by Major League Soccer ($75.99 for the full season) is a product worth considering. In 2014, MLS came to an agreement with ESPN on streaming rights, which was bundled with their current television deal. But as the 2015 season approached, the MLS Digital announced that they would be reclaiming the internet package, apparently due to difficulties at ESPN in monetizing their streaming platform, ESPN3/WatchESPN. That meant MLS Live was back, and for the most part, there are ... Read more