Author: Earl Reed

Did the window for USMNT coaching change already pass?

After sputtering out of the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup in dreadful fashion, the calls for Jurgen Klinsmann’s firing as Head Coach further intensified. A Jeckyl and Hyde performance against Peru and the shellacking at the hands of Brazil in suburban Boston only tossed kerosene on the flames. A large contingent of US fans and media are pushing the Confederations Cup play-in match against Mexico as a “win or be gone” match for Klinsmann. But is that a wise change to make at this point? Sunil Gulati in a difficult position with Klinsmann. The primary goal for any USMNT Head Coach ... Read more

It’s time for MLS teams to bring in more Designated Player defenders

Ever since its inception, Major League Soccer’s primary goal has been growth, trying to cultivate an untapped sports fan group in this country. They’ve been relatively successful in that venture if you look at a variety of metrics, from number of teams to revenue to attendance. A large part of that success can be attributed to the Designated Player rule. While people like myself often criticize MLS for their administration of a salary cap system, they have offered enough flexibility through the rule for teams to acquire players they couldn’t otherwise afford. This not only introduced further quality within the team, ... Read more

Michel Platini’s candidacy for FIFA President hurt by connections to Qatar

The one topic that unites almost every segment of the soccer world is the need to reform its governing body, FIFA. Unfortunately, the man who is ringing in the changes, one Michel Platini —who officially announced his candidacy Wednesday, has a murky past. He voted for Qatar in the bidding for the 2020 World Cup, and worked closely with former France President Nicolas Sarkozy to help use his influence to Qatar win the vote in exchange for Qatar purchasing $7 billion worth of French fighter jets. Certainly on the surface, Platini ticks a number of boxes which might ease some minds: • Former world-class footballer ... Read more

US Soccer needs to be held accountable if it knew about Chuck Blazer corruption

The United States is a country that stands for freedom, with a hands-off, free market economy. So much so, in fact, that many a rich person has built their fortune using the rather unimposing economic principles that govern our system. It is also a playground for the robber baron, a place where the con artist can try to pull the wool over eyes long enough to amass his haul, with the hope that he can escape to safe sanctuary before the wolves knock at the door. Much reform has taken place over the years. The US government, through its various ... Read more

MLS changes rules to benefit LA Galaxy

You will be hard-pressed to find people involved in soccer in the US (aside from a few of the Owners’ Boxes) who believe that Major League Soccer’s salary structure should remain in it’s current form. But yet again, MLS is getting it all wrong, this time introducing yet another ambiguously yawn-worthy phrase: “Targeted Allocation Money.” But the worst part isn’t all of that – it’s the fact that yet again, MLS is making changes at the behest of one particular team, the Los Angeles Galaxy. The mechanism itself is constructed yet again in the swirling, murky swamp that remains the MLS Salary Cap, and does ... Read more

Transition from Women’s World Cup to Gold Cup is a bumpy ride for US soccer fans

Hardcore soccer fans may appreciate the sport for a number of reasons. As a guy who likes to pay attention to the tactical side, the continuum of style and substance runs the gamut in this sport unlike any other. No contrast may be more striking than between the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday and the US Men’s 2-1 victory over Honduras last night. If a new convert to the game tuned into FOX Sports 1 last night, they may have received a shock. The Women’s World Cup final from Vancouver was a fireworks display right from the get-go. It was ... Read more

In passing the torch from Abby Wambach to Carli Lloyd, the US found its killer instinct

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about the apparent Russian roulette mission US Women’s National Team Head Coach Jill Ellis and her team were embarking upon – riding the disturbingly out-of-form Abby Wambach until either a) she found that form, or b) the team was bounced from the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Fortunately for American soccer fans, and more-so for the USWNT players who have put in countless hours of time honing their skill (largely underpaid for such endeavors, I might add), Jill Ellis moved on. The story quickly became a retasked Carli Lloyd, handed the danger-woman ... Read more

CONCACAF Gold Cup team previews, players to watch and schedule

While the Gold Cup is starting a month later than usual, the meaning for this confederation remains the same: who is the big dog between Mexico and the United States. Maybe the other nations in this region will feel aggrieved by that statement, but the results are clear. Since the tournament’s inception, Canada (in the year 2000) is the only other nation to have hoisted the Cup. It has been an entertaining biennial undercard for the ultimate grudge-match in World Cup qualifying. It’s also an odd tournament in the regard of being the only major region in FIFA that doesn’t ... Read more