Author: Abhik Chatterjee

A mad hatter when it comes to football and everything linked to it...I belong to the Manchester United FC parish....and am infused with the energy and enthusiasm to preach my faith. I dream of becoming a football commentator and analyst, something that drives me on every single day. An engineer by profession and a footballer by religion, I and drink the beautiful game. You can catch me on twitter @ abhik_narsc or on facebook @ or email me at

Croatia’s remarkable World Cup run fueled by soccer dreams

Two days before Croatia’s semifinal against England, Croatian manager Zlatko Dalić sat with his fingers intertwined, sipping on a coffee and staring almost rebelliously into the cameras. Ruffling his hair, he ruminated aloud while the press look back at him bemused … “Everyone has problems. Everyone has not slept. Some have not slept enough. We will not allow any problems to interfere with us. The big guys went home and the workers are left. I will not accept bronze! It is a dream for us. It will be a pity to be in Russia for a month and not see ... Read more

Playing Out the English Premier League In Mumbai, India

Football as a religion transcends nations, economic boundaries and personal differences. India, a cricket crazy nation, often comes across as a country of billions of people worshipping Sachin Tendulkar, who burst crackers with a vengeance whenever India wins a cricket match. But behind this mask of cricket fanaticism, there exists another band of football rebels for whom no weekend night is ever complete without the English Premier League and no day is ever complete without a friendly sledging related to match days on social networking forums. I would like to draw your attention to Mumbai, India’s commercial capital. The sprawling ... Read more