Episode 31 of the EPL Talk Podcast is a special edition featuring two interviews. The first is with England, Tottenham and Fulham legend Alan Mullery who just released his autobiography. The second interview is with Ronaldo from the 101greatgoals blog who has been warned to remove links from his blog to Premiership highlights on YouTube. During the interviews, Mullery discusses what it was like playing for England in the 1970 World Cup, what he said to Gordon Banks after that fantastic save against Pele, what the major difference was between playing for Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur, plus what the most surprising thing is about him that most people don’t know. In the interview with Ronaldo, the blogger describes how a company the Premier League hired warned him to remove links from his web site, how the Premier League can change their policy to promote the league worldwide, what the reaction has been from fans, and what the future is for Premiership highlights on sites such as YouTube.