According to a report from international insurance company Howden, the Premier League suffered more injuries than any other top European league.

The Injury Index, as Howden calls it, also discussed the financial impact of these injuries for Premier League club. In total for European leagues, injury costs reached a combined $562 million for the 2021/22 season. They also claimed that there were 4,810 total injuries in these big leagues. This was supposedly a 20% increase from the prior campaign.

The top five European men’s leagues consist of the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Out of these divisions, it appears as if the Premier League was hit hardest by the injury bug last season.

Of the nearly 5,000 total injuries in these leagues, the Premier League experienced 1,231 injuries by themselves. This is nearly 26% of all injuries among these top five divisions. Chelsea suffered the most injuries in England’s top flight with 97. Compare this to the 691 total injuries among France’s Ligue 1 clubs during the same timeframe.

The effect of Premier League injuries

“This research confirms what leading club managers have been saying for a while now – injuries are on the rise across European football,” stated Howden’s Head of Sport James Burrows.

“The reasons for this will be the subject of much debate but Howden’s extensive research shows there’s a 20% rise season on season in injured players,” Burrows continued. “With football’s authorities currently negotiating the game’s calendar, the Injury Index provides a deep insight into the human and financial cost of congested fixture lists and a packed calendar. It will help answer the question of whether there’s just too much football being played.”

The report also provided statistics about how these injuries affect clubs financially. The record number of Premier League injuries apparently cost teams over $200 million. Spain’s top flight, LaLiga, was in a distant second place with around $119 million in injury costs.

Injuries to young players are also alarmingly on the rise. Howden claims that there were 326 total injuries to U21 players last season. This is compared to just three seasons prior when there were only 30 injuries to these youngsters. It certainly appears as if a reliance on young players is partially to blame.

Another interesting discovery was the fact that Bayern Munich, PSG (a record $37 million in injury costs), and Real Madrid all had the most injuries in their respective leagues. Nevertheless, all three clubs still ended up winning titles. Squad depth is obviously important to be a successful team.