Actor Michael Sheen delivered another rousing speech for the Wales national team ahead of the World Cup.

Sheen, known for starring in movies such as the Twilight saga, Frost/Nixon, and Midnight in Paris, delivered the speech a few weeks after a similar presentation on a comedy sports show earlier in the month.

In his latest motivation attempt, Sheen referenced a number of facets involved with the Welsh National Team. That includes Wales legend Gary Speed, current coach Rob Page and the team’s long awaited return to the World Cup.

Michael Sheen makes a heroic speech to Wales before World Cup

“When you’re standing there, side by side, and that holy song begins, close your eyes and feel the breath on the back of your necks,” proclaimed Sheen. “Because that’s every man, woman and child in this old land, standing there with you, at your back. That’s the people of Wales. Your people.”

“Feel their breath quickening with yours. Hear their blood drumming in your ears, pounding through your heart, bursting in your chest, that’s the blood of Wales. That’s your blood, red as the ancient book of dreams. Red as the rising flag of Merthyr. Red as the great wall of Gwalia.”

“Because that’s what you carry with you, boys. Across 64 years, across half the span of the world, it’s there, on your chest. It’s there, at your back. It’s there, at your side. Because they’ll always say we’re too small, too slow, too weak, too full of fear, but yma o hyd, you sons of [Gary] Speed, with that red wall around us.”

“We are still here. Come on, Wales. Come on!”

Sheen was presented with a Wales jersey and met with the coaches and players after the speech.

Wales at the World Cup

Wales captain Gareth Bale has stated that Sheen’s first speech was the talk of his group chat. “He was in our WhatsApp group – everyone sent it in,” said Bale. “I had about 100 people send it to me.”

“No, it was a fantastic speech. Yeah, very moving and, like, I think the gaffer said he’s more than welcome to come and give us a speech at any time. But I’m sure we’re going to be motivated, and be motivated enough come the first game anyway.”

Wales is returning to the World Cup for the first time since 1958. The Dragons are part of a particularly interesting group alongside England, the United States, and Iran. Page’s team lost their final warmup match prior to the tournament, as they fell 1-0 to Poland on Sunday.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Action Plus