This summer’s transfer window is already a record breaker. English Premier League clubs have spent more than $1.7 billion, more than any other summer window in history. It all comes to an end on Thursday, September 1. To make sure you don’t miss a deal, we’ve got the details on how to watch Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day in the United States.

How to watch Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day

For viewers in the United States, Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day is streaming live exclusively on Peacock Premium. The live stream begins at Noon ET.

In addition to Transfer Deadline Day from Sky Sports, NBC Sports will air a special episode of Goal Zone beginning at 5PM ET. The one-hour program is available on USA Network. It’ll dive into the transfer talk immediately after Thursday’s Leicester versus Manchester United game ends.

If you don’t already have Peacock, it’s $4.99 per month. The best part about it is the 180 Premier League games it streams every season.

Anticipation building for Transfer Deadline Day

Several Premier League clubs still have to get new players in before the window closes on Thursday. At the same time, many clubs need to offload footballers to make way for the new stars.

There are several major deals that may happen. One, in particular, we’re keeping a close eye on is Christian Pulisic. Rumors of a potential move to Manchester United have died down. However, the player appears to be surplus to requirements at Chelsea, having only made late substitute appearances this season.

Peacock ramps up Premier League viewing experience

If you missed the news, Peacock has launched a brand-new feature for Premier League games called Key Plays.

“[Key Plays] is really a way to make sure that fans don’t have to worry about arriving late to the live streams,” explains John Jelley, SVP, Product and User Experience at Peacock. “So what it does is it combines machine learning — so looking at what’s happening on screen — combined with live event data from the game, and automatically curates key highlights.

“So you come in [to the live stream] after it has started and still catch all the key moments. And it brings you back to the live point once you’ve done so.

Whenever you bring up the player controls in Peacock during a live game, you’ll see Key Plays being added as they happen. You can also rewatch a moment as a key play during the game itself. Plus you have the control to jump to specific points in the game. On top of that, there is a “Return to the game” button that takes viewers back to where they were before they clicked on the key play.

The Key Plays feature is available across several media devices. For example, they are AppleTV, Roku, X1, Samsung, FireTV, Android TV and XClass.