It should come as no surprise that you can watch the 2022 World Cup without cable. Streaming plays such a key role in the U.S. enjoyment of soccer that it is now standard for providers.

Some allot their own services, while there are other, more broad, options also available. Fact remains, you do not need the hassle and costly cable of years prior to watch the world’s greatest sporting event. Instead, all you need is either a subscription to a streaming service, or just an antenna for your TV.

Plus, it helps to have the options available in both English and Spanish. As you will see, the streaming options may be more cost affordable for Spanish audiences. That being said, there are affordable way to watch the World Cup without cable in both languages.

Watching the 2022 World Cup without cable

Streaming is key for the World Cup. With games kicking off at 5 a.m. on the east coast, the need for on-demand games is at an all-time high for one soccer tournament. Fortunately, streaming services provide on-demand replays of games just after they kick off.

Plus, many of the services that open the door for these replays have live coverage of games.

Starting with TV, there is a way to access over-the-air TV without a cable subscription. A simple antenna attached to your TV will do the trick, as it will carry both FOX and Telemundo. The one key drawback is that this OTA TV without cable does not include FS1, which will have a number of the games for English audiences at the World Cup.

However, if you are looking more at streaming, there are plenty of ways to watch.

Cable and satellite replacement services are commonplace. Providers such as fuboTV, Vidgo, Sling TV and YouTube TV carry all the channels necessary to watch the World Cup. After all, that is just two channels for both English- and Spanish-language coverage. FOX and FS1 have coverage for English audiences. Meanwhile, Telemundo and Universo have coverage for those seeking out Spanish.

English Streaming

If you subscribe to one of those services such as fuboTV or YouTube TV, you can also use the FOX Sports app. When you input your subscription information to authenticate, you are able to watch all 64 games at the World Cup on the app. Plus, there are those ever-valuable on-demand games that become available just minutes after the final whistle via Tubi. Again, with the early kickoffs, this will come in handy.

Spanish Streaming

Everything runs through Peacock if you want to watch the 2022 World Cup without cable in Spanish. NBC’s paid-streaming service is $4.99 per month.

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Peacock will have Spanish broadcasts of all 64 games at the World Cup. Additionally, there are on-demand broadcasts of games that happened earlier in the tournament. Finally, there is a 24/7 channel for Spanish audiences that will have highlights, recordings and news from across the World Cup. This is solely in Spanish, with no English alternative in place, yet. However, Peacock remains an affordable option to watch the games — especially for cord cutters.