Paramount+ can get better, just like every other streaming platform can improve. Yesterday we looked at Peacock. Today it’s Paramount+’s turn.

This is not necessarily a slight to Paramount+ and what CBS does with its paid-streaming service. In fact, the Champions League coverage and Serie A coverage are among the best for studio coverage that we have here in the United States. Both programs are informative, entertaining and abundant in their coverage throughout those campaigns. It helps to have the talent and behind-the-scenes action those crews possess.

Looking back at CBS All Access, the former name of Paramount+ before its rebrand, a jump is noticeable. Acquisition of more properties certainly helps that. Since launching back in 2014, the platform did not prioritize soccer. That is not the case anymore, especially given the last couple of years. Last season debuted Serie A, and just before that came the UEFA Champions League.

Now, Paramount+ is the American viewership home of the Asian Football Confederation, CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying, NWSL, Scottish Premiership and much more.

On the other hand, the point remains. Paramount+ can improve. So, here are a handful of things that we, as soccer fans exclusively, would like to see out of the platform.

How Paramount+ can improve for soccer fans

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1. Add a rewind feature

In soccer, the best plays can start well before a goal is scored. Either that, or some moments warrant a second glance because they are so breathtaking. The little 10-second rewind option on ESPN+ allows fans to see something and get another look at it.

Sure, replays and VAR may force us to watch whether or not a player used his or her hand on the ball on endless repeat. Yet, there are always instances that may fly under the radar that stand out for us.

2. Select Champions League audio in multicast

Personally, I am a fan of natural crowd noise. That is not what this refers to.

During the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, Paramount+ launched a multicast that displayed simultaneous games on one screen. It is an awesome feature that allows fans to keep track of two games at the same time. It is like a continuous Golazo! Show.

However, the one issue is that someone at CBS selects which audio plays. This is fine, as that person just chooses the audio of which game has more excitement in one particular moment. Yet, in the event that both games have drama unfolding at once, it would be nice to have the user select which audio THEY want to listen to.

3. Promote the lesser-known competitions

Whenever I enter Paramount+, the first thing I see is the slider. There, the platform promotes a TV show or movie on the first slide. Or, it may show its coverage of the UEFA European competition on that day.

I would like to see more promotion of things like the AFC Champions League, NWSL or the domestic leagues down in South America. Nothing wrong with propping up the Champions League, just have to share the love. Of all the areas Paramount+ can improve, this seems the most beneficial to soccer as a whole in the U.S.

4. Expand the multicast feature for more options

This one may be a little ambitious. With the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, there can be as many as eight games in one competition at the same time. The Champions League, for its part, does no more than four games in one time slot.

However, it would be ideal to have an option to select two games, or even more, to watch on one screen at the same time. Combine that with the audio select choice brought up previously, and watching European competition is a new level of enjoyment.

5. Deliver on-demand games faster

Consistency is key. Oftentimes, Paramount+ releases finished games later than some fans may want. Instead of having the ability to dive into a game practically after it finishes to watch it in case you missed it, fans may have to wait.

As it stands, the earlier the better. Especially for those games from Europe, when fans rush home after work to watch the games that night.