The 2022 Brazil World Cup kits have been released, and they are stunners.

If someone told you they both had “jaguar spots” on them, you might be bracing yourself for something over the top and tacky – but you’d be wrong.

Look at that collar and button!

Reviewing the Brazil 2022 home kit

It’s the classic Brazil look – a canary yellow top that will be paired with blue shorts and white socks. What’s great about this is that they’ve managed to keep one of the most iconic looks in soccer intact, while adding some really fun details. The jaguar print throughout the shirt is just subtle enough to not be loud and obnoxious. And let’s talk about that henley collar with the surprise flag underneath! Using the button as the blue globe from Brazil’s national flag is one of the absolute best kit details I’ve ever seen. Green and blue trim is just right, and the recently updated Brazil badge looks great.

Grade: A+

The folks at Nike crushed it with this one. It’s hard to get away with adding anything to maybe the most famous soccer kit ever without causing a riot, but they’ve done it brilliantly here. And that little flag inside the collar! They’d get an A+ for that alone on a plain yellow top, but the jaguar spots add a great bit of new life into Brazil’s strip this time around.

Big tropical vibes on the away top

Reviewing the Brazil 2022 away kit

Where the home shirt is as conservative as humanly possible when adding something like jaguar spots to a design, the away goes in the opposite direction. The top is a vibrant blue, with the spots in blue over a fading green going down the sleeves. This one will be paired with white shorts and blue/green socks on the pitch.

The only detail aside from the bold sleeves is the diamond and globe from the Brazilian flag adorning the upper back below the neck (but the diamond is green on a blue background, as opposed to yellow on a green background as on the actual flag).

Even with bright blue and green spots, this somehow still manages to not be too gaudy and look pretty clean. The sleeves almost give off an aquatic / tropical reef feel due to the color choices, which for a nation known for beaches and jungles works great.

Grade: A

A terrific compliment to the home shirt. They took more of a risk with the bold spotted sleeves, but it turned out really sharp. Half a point knocked off for the little flag diamond being green instead of yellow. But that’s a small complaint on an otherwise very cool design.

Overall the 2022 Brazil World Cup kits are one of the top home and away sets of any club heading to Qatar this fall.