We’re down to the final week of the 2022 World Soccer Talk Awards. The annual competition recognizes the best in soccer media. That includes everything from the best podcasts, commentators, TV coverage and writers to the greatest websites, presenters, YouTube channels and pundits.

It’s fascinating to see the results thus far. For example, The Scuffed Podcast is running away with the voting in the Best Podcast category. The popular USMNT podcast is ahead of mainstream podcasts such as Men In Blazers, Total Soccer Show, That Peter Crouch Podcast and The Guardian’s Football Weekly, among others.

In the Best Commentator category, TUDN announcers Chris Wyttingham and Ramses Sandoval are fighting it out while several other top commentators are in the race.

Elsewhere, the voting for Best Fan YouTube Channel is extremely competitive. With more than 20,000 votes cast thus far, it’s going to be a close race. As of press time, the Spurs channel has more votes than Arsenal. Manchester United and Chelsea are well behind, while Liverpool are out in front.

In the category for Best TV Studio Analyst, CBS Sports are running away with it.

2022 World Soccer Talk Awards categories:


* Best TV Coverage
• Best Streaming Service
* Best TV Presenter
• Best TV Studio Analyst
* Best Commentator
• Best Co-Commentator

* Best YouTube Channel
• Best Fan YouTube Channel


* Best Podcast
• Best Club Podcast
* Best Podcast Host
• Best Podcast Analyst


* Best Website
• Best Writer

Voting closes on Sunday, July 31. So if you haven’t voted yet, go ahead and do so now before the polls close. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 1.

There’s still time to get the votes in this week to make a difference.

Best of luck to all of the nominees.